Well it’s the mighty two-week post op mark! Time had really been flying with this healing and the fact that pain has stayed minimal can’t hurt either. Things have been going smoothly so fair with everything I supposed I could make a list of healing at two weeks out.


– Less swelling; I can now touch everything without too much tenderness

– Still no discharge from vaginectomy closure. All stitches in that region seem to be healed over well. I keep things very clean and apply antibiotic ointment after clean up. I do feel a slight tugging every now and again in that region but when I do I make sure to check the area to make sure things are not ripping and just a feeling I may have. I still feel an inward pull every now and again but its a lot easier to laugh now without irritating the area.

– Still a bit of urethral bleeding. It does its own thing. At one point it will not bleed at all, other times it’ll just spot, then there’s times it’s bleeding all the time. It doesn’t freak me out like how it did when I had a cycle, I just want it to stop already. After a good flushing of my urethra things tend to clear up. I have noticed that eve after draining my catheter I feel the need to pee. It’s not a UTI, its more or less my body trying to redirect me to pee through my own urethra and not a catheter. Only 9 more days to go until I’m allowed to start peeing on my own, YES!!! I think the bleeding will stop immediately once I’m allowed to start using my urethra. I notice that with some of the blood there is urine escaping so I think my body is tired of depending on a catheter as well.

– My penis is starting to lose some of the retraction and straighten itself back out which is pretty cool to watch. I’m allowed to start pumping next week. I’ll see how I feel about the idea of that. Even though I know it will help big time. Retraction is definitely a thing needed to be discussed by many more guys, luckily my surgeon told me about this ahead of time.

– Walking is easier to do. Just not in it for too long of a walk just yet. My Dr told me to relax and not too much walking so most def I’ll be taking heed to that for another good week.

– Sitting is still very easy to do. I tested out my favorite recliner today, oh how I missed it lol. I was very comfy even though I didn’t put the leg part up it was still very comfortable. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try to leg part and see how things go.

– Still not allowed to use my urethra but the catheter I barely notice anymore. I’m drinking plenty of fluids to keep me clear on the urination side of things. I’m allowed to test out my urethra on the 3rd so hopefully all goes well. I have been feeling the urge to use it when it’s time to pee so my first void should be quite interesting indeed.

– My testicles and scrotum are progressing well. I can feel the skin softening more. I so want to shave this hair off but as of right now am scared to do so. I think I’ll be waiting until my month mark to give it a go. Things should loosen up a lot more by then. I’ve started to some what massage the scrotal skin so help loosen things so hopefully that will go as planned as well.

– My buccal graft is healing over with no issues. My only complaints with it now are the sutures that are loose just hanging. I have to get a mirror so I can cut the strands down so they don’t get in the way while I’m eating.

Other than this I’m ready to take on the world. There are a few mixed emotions regarding where I want to be right now but those will be sorted out shortly. There’s always a list of pros and cons everyone I need to do something and this is one of those times.

I’m not worried though things that I need to do are always revealed to me in a short amount of time. Ok well let me roll back over since it’s Xmas and I plan on sleeping this day away lol.

I’ll be adding more stuff shortly to the pictures and document sections…

Until later…


  1. Rob says:

    I’m glad things are good so far. Heed the doc’s advise – rest.

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