Chest Surgery


The day has officially arrived, my first post op pic

Chest unwrapping day 7-22-10 I fell in love lol

First time in a beater

Dr. Weiss is a Saint, Highly recommended and if I could I’d do it again lol

For more photos make sure to mouse over the top surgery tab for the drop down menu

  1. Tee says:

    Got a question for you I’ve been on T three years now. I’m 34 years of age I want more than anything to get the top surgery but my funds are not right at the moment. I ‘m single parent of 4 and everything little finds I get goes into my household. I tried to apply for a loan for the surgery but my credit is bad. I’ve watched other FTM ‘s on you tube living their dreams and it make me sad. I’m happy for them but sad for me, I want to know are their any programs that can help sponsor me for the top surgery

  2. Lucas Suarez says:

    Hey Toyne,
    Congrats on your chest surgery! I was wondering if you are happy with your surgery results? Also, did you had any bad complications? Does Dr. Weiss include in the surgery the contoring of the chest to make it appear more masculine? I just wanted to get some feedback on him positive and or negative, as my mom is thinking of maybe me having surgery with him instead of going to Florida for Dr. Garamone.

    Best and thanks,
    Lucas Suarez

    • toyneboi says:

      Im not sure why I’m just now seeing this. I apologize sincerely. I am very very very happy with my chest. There are minor things I want to fix but if I never did I would still be A ok. He does include contouring in his procedures and all of his double incision patients have FULL sensation in their nipples vs Dr. G’s patients who have none. This is due to the fact he does a pedicle technique preserving all sensation as he never disconnects that essential nerve. Your mom has the right idea as he also takes many different insurances, thats how I paid for mine :)…I wish you much luck and hopefully by now you are post op

  3. adrian says:

    Hello my name is Adrian and im trying to do top surgery did your insurNce covered it ?

  4. adrian says:

    How can I get my insurance to cover it is their a special program for it that I need to ask for?

    • toyneboi says:

      there is no way to get them to cover it if they do not say that they cover it. if you have insurance through your employer it would be up to HR to ins coverage into their plan. Other wise it would but up to you to find a job that offered trans centered benefits. If you are looking for a lost cost surgeon out of pocket contact me via the contact form.

  5. Jay says:

    Hey, are you thinking about sharing your new chest here too? Congrats on your journey, I can only dream of coming as far as you have.

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