Well it is the day they call Xmas, I don’t expect too much out of the day.  My plan is to stay in the bed and eat and sleep lol. What a wonderful productive day this will be. I started off very upset because as usual my ex is ignoring me and not allowing my son to speak to me. Any other day this would just piss me off but its a holiday and I know how he lights up when he hears my voice so this hurt a lot. I have to remove myself from that situation because it hurts too much now. All the kids that wish they had a father around and the one that actually tries to be around gets treated like shit. As they say Karma is a bitch and she always comes 10 fold.

I wasnt expecting much for Xmas after having this wonderful trip and surgery so most o the day I literally slept. I got up to take my meds and wash up and change my dressings and gauze. Theres still no pain at all but I have noticed spasms a lot more in my balls. I think this is apart of the nerves getting themselves together I felt this a lot after top surgery. It just feels a lot weirder since it’s in my groin area lol. Bleeding is doing its own thing as of now. Some times its light others I bleed through the padding pretty easy.

I still have that feeling of needing to still pee after the catheter is emptied. I’m really starting to think my body is just ready to use my urethra because that’s where it still continues to try to escape from lol. It’s very hard trying to fight the natural urge to pee. Only a few more days until I can give it a go I can not wait at all! It will be great to pee like a normal person again even though I know my first few attempts at peeing will be really interesting lol. Hopefully I get a very nice stream and no issues, I know as of now holding my penis is very easy to do without pain so that should aid in aim as well. Most say they get a stream that’s fan like at first so I’ll be expecting that.

After my second nap lol, my grandmother came in and gave me my Xmas gift. So totally was not expecting anything but shoot its nice none the less seeing as though im used to not getting anything so this def made me smile. She gave me a wad of money! YES I definitely am not complaining about this at all. My phone is on its last leg so that’s my Xmas gift and the rest im going to save. I have been looking for a new comp so that may come next. As well as I need to find someone to pull my disc drive and hard drive off my last comp so I can save the data. So much to do with sore ass nuts in the mix lol.

OHHH before I forget I have a thought that will help the sore nut issue completely. When I have them cuffed in my hand like adding support and a bit of pressure the soreness goes away 100%. So I did a bit of googling and came across some articles geared towards cis-men who have testicular implants done and they were all recommended to wear jock straps. Well that will be on my to do list asap, I can’t find my last jock so a new one is in store. Theres a few other airs of undies I want to give a go. Some have enhancements that promote bulge in the pants. Seeing as though no one will be groping me the bulge effect is just fine by me. I have a few other purchases I want to make but I will wait and see if prices go down some more which would be freaking awesome! I’ll keep you all up to date on this as time progresses.

I have been a lazy ass bum and havent posting things to my blog yet. My bed is just soooo relaxing so I will do that next week. As well as find my other battery charger for my cam batteries so I can take some updating photos of my junk as it heals. I’m not too upset about not having them just yet because with this surgery I know prolonged picture-taking yields better comparisons so in a way this is ok. I have noticed the retraction is definitely starting to fix itself. Maybe that’s with my thoughts ive been having lol or it’s just natural. Note to those out there, it is very hard to keep your mind off sex when your bored all day. I caught a wood out of no where, it wasnt full but definitely felt a bit odd being semi erect and not being able to do anything about it but pour cold water on him lol. It didn’t hurt though soooo that’s a plus! Can’t wait to test drive things during week 4 lol.

Question?! Is it just me or anyone else notice a change in regional smell? I’m not sure if that’s a “healing” smell or if this is the beginnings of my new male scent. It doesn’t stink or anything it’s just an odd smell im not accustomed to just yet, but hell that’s how it was when my scent changed the first time. I just found it kind of odd that no one seemed to mention change in odors while healing. Other than that everything is healing well, a few scabs came off the head of my penis which yielded some very very sensitive sensational tissue lol. Took me about 20 mins to pull the scab off because it was just very sensitive to touch lol. Hopefully the hyper sensitive ways die down soon or else literally the wind blowing will make me happy lol.

Ok now back to sleep I go…


  1. I noticed a change in the smell of my genitals post op. With the hole closed up it is a completely different aroma to the bits. You get used to it after a while.

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