Well today was needless to say uneventful. I woke up fairly early, around 8-8:30am. Didn’t do much ate and took my meds. I need to get some sterile saline to flush my urethra but for now I’m just keeping things clean. Theres still no pain just soreness here and there.

I decided to walk to the store, it’s about a 10-15 min walk. It was a lot better then I thought. By the time I get to the store I’m feeling alot sorer but nothing out of control. I need to get my endurance back up so I’ll be able to make my travel trips in the city. Walking home was pretty slow compared to when I started out and the cold didn’t help. But after about 20 mins I made it back home, by this time it’s time to tinkle most def. My urethra hasn’t really bleed too too much today so that’s good. I do have to take this bandage off my penis tomorrow so that may change how much can really come out.

Other then that I’ve been in this great pillow top bed all day. Rest rest and more rest was def in store for today. After all that travel it’s only a given that I would spend my day in the bed all day. This would be the thing I missed the most it’s so damn comfortable. Oh and also adult swim, they def only played a few shows on cartoon network wonder if that’s a Serbian thing or if it’s all of Europe? I’ll find out soon enough though.

I’ve researched a few TEFL schools and I’m going to weigh my options. Trying to figure out what school location I would want to go to as well as what teaching location I would want to post at. I was thinking Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, and Thailand. Even though I’ll be able to teach in all of them eventually it’s just hard picking the first school. I am leaning more towards Thailand though. I know some people are going to be so against me doing this but Europe was the best experience of my life. I feel so alive in the short exploration that I had I know more time would do me well. I’m also looking at schools to better my education while there, I’ll prob do online learning makes it more convenient. Anyone have any input on the best places to travel to? I’m glad I’m still young so this can be something to blossom into better opportunities later on.

I spoke with my mom today as well, she’s glad I’m back and happy. She also thinks the teaching abroad would be a cool idea for me. So this maybe the right thing for me to do after all. My main concern would be my T scripts but yet again I am in contact with a lot of foreign transmen so I’m sure it will come in handy. Also since my dose is lower my vials last longer, so I could always get a 10ml vail and just search after that’s done and/or come back to NYC when I run out ever 6 months. So many things to sort out but I’m happy with all my thoughts. I get to travel, help people learn, and get to learn and embrace multiple cultures. Something my brother and I were talking about when I got home. So many people spend to much time in their everyday comfort zone and never get to really live. In my new found state I feel now is the best time for me to really really live.

I’ve let a lot if things hold me back so far I would have to say it ends here and now. I have nothing and no one holding me back, yes I’ll miss the connections I have here but the world is full of connections that can take me on so many adventures. Just as the connections I have here have lead me to many different places in my life. Why should I stunt my potential and growth due to a comfort zone or area of placement that I’m expected to be in? Life is just so much more then that.

Having this last surgery has really opened up my senses to a lot more things I have been missing in my life. I felt there was a void and now I have found what it is. I love it and can not wait for 2011 to really take flight!

Ok now back to sleep I go, after this time change stuff I’m drained!

Until tomorrow…



Tomorrow is 2 weeks post op, oh how time flies! I’ll be giving a full run down of healing at 2 weeks post op.

  1. Sy says:

    Welcome Home! Glad you feel settled down at Home. Yes, you need to get long recover, but you really deserve it. I understand how you feel more as an European. I believw that you had a best experience in Europe. I am glad that you went to Belgrade. If I were you, I, of course, go to Belgrade. Been thinking about you while I just arrived in Germany to visit my Family. Snow, Snow, Snow here. My spouse felt the same how you felt about an European. She wanted to move here, too. Maybe, i will move with My spouse back If we find Jobs there. Need to prepare in 2 years. I have been lived in US in 25 Years. Smiles. Wish you a holidays to you. Smiles

    • toyneboi says:

      yessir I can not wait to get back to Europe its going to be freaking great. This time im staying longer! Snow is everywhere I still think NJ/NY have worse snow then what I seen in Belgrade lol. Maybe Germay was a bit worse, but the first stop when I come back is AMSTERDAM!!!!

  2. Tee says:

    They say you only got one life and you should live it to the fullest. I think you are a very wise young men, take every oppurtunity you can, before you get to old to do so. I feel exactly the same way you do and once I get my surgeries traveling is going to be my life. So much to see out there and you will miss it if you stay close minded, I refuse to be that. Good luck and Merry Christmas bro!!

    • toyneboi says:

      your so right about that I am def going to live this one to the fullest and will not let anyone take my moment from me. things are going great and I will keep them that way at all costs.

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