Post Op Healing



Day 3: right side

Day 3: left side

5 days

Day 5: left side

5 days

Day 5:  right side

Day 5: small black mark shows where the drain hole is. in another month it wont be visible, its already sealed and being treated with my home scar remedies

Day 5: The crease is beginning to undo itself slowly lots of tingling as my nerves get themselves together 8D

Day 7: I added new compression vest and massage regime

Day 7: Fully compressed, does not slip, keeps things and place. my nipples are gauzed for sterile reasons damn OCD lol

1 week front

Day 7: Things are very even while arms are raised, full range of motion it does not hurt/pull to do this

Day 7: up close nipple inspection. no scars areola are sealed with derma-bond that will fall off on its own. it took my hysto scars about a month to start peeling so I think its the same here. Take notice of the nipple on the left there is a slight crease visible when i relax its more visible for those that have access to the yahoo surgery info group i posted there because the group is private if your interested to see its really not that bad just something that makes me a bit self conscious. but for day 7 things are awesome 8D

 Day 9: Drain hole is sealed bye bye band-aids, this is my creased side so we will go into more detail below. May as well show you all what happens sometimes when glandular tissue is removed.

DAY 9: I went for a check up today, the Dr. drained the excess fluid off my chest so now the puffy is gone and more natural shaped. The fluid made it look like I had a little A cup lol.

Day 9: Left pec is awesome right is on my last nerves with this crease we shall see where this goes or im going to need some sort of revision. YAY me…not really. I assume its better then large scars because I keloid bad. They say anything you want bad enough is never easy with time it shall correct itself.

Day 9: A common issue that happens when you remove the tissue that holds a nipple in place for so many years. This also comes from me being triple compressed for 2 days during the draining process. If this side wouldn’t have drained fully then it probably would’ve rounded also like the left but due to full drainage it had nothing else to do but tuck in. In the months to come we shall see how it plays out or I’m due for a revision.

Day 11: First full frontal view of my fold. Feel a little better after my massage you see the fold picture serves no real justice because its kinda sorta getting better. The left is retaining fluid again so it’s time for another draining session.

Day 11: Completely relaxed, see not that bad really. With me working out it will puff out it looks A LOT better then it did on day 3 I tell you that much. It’s not even really folded more like a dent and all underneath the nipple aka the incision line is scar tissue I cant massage it out yet because the incision is still leaking puss don’t want it to rip. So when I’m clear for activity then i will start to massage my nipples to loosen up the tissue. It may also be extra skin but building my pecs back up this should def. correct some of this.

Day 11: Fold up close flexed a bit (still sore lol), its starting to push out a little when i hold my arms straight down. Hopefully with more healing and me getting back to my workout in a few weeks it will improve more. If not revisions here I come lol. It’s more then likely a bit of excess skin oh well better flatter then what I used to have 8D

Day 11: Side shot, fold is some what doing its own thing. Left side is retaining fluid again OH yay another needle to come next week lol. Its really not that bad he numbs the area first. but the needle def. does fill up each time. When it’s drained it sits flatter so now I know the signs of fluid. IF you touch it and it waves there’s fluid.

Day 11: looks good when i put on a beater def looks okie dokie to me. That’s all I care about lol…ohh the joys of healing 8D

Day 21: right side, the crease is still doing its own thing I have a possible revision surgery set up the same time as bottom but we shall give it til then to fix itself. I found some good oils for my skin that should help fix this and soon I’ll be able to work out again so we shall see where this goes. The scabs and dermabond have been coming off so I’m left with pink nipple syndrome. That should last about a week my color returns really quickly.

Day 21: right side front view shows the skin kind trying to get its retarded self together lol. I have 30% sensation as of right now. Nipple responds to touch yet again my nipples always responded to touch even when i couldn’t feel it at all.

Day 21: Left side, I had to be drained 2 times since surgery thre is still a bit of swelling and fluid but nothing that’s bad. My Dr. makes sure theres not clotted and built up blood on both sides. My drain hole on this side is healing up nicely. there’s a lot of dermabond on this side still but i assume thats expected two different sides 2 different healing options.

Day 21: Left side frontal view still shows the swelling. I wear my compression for about 75% of the day especially when I’m sleeping seeing as though that’s the bodies natural rejuvenation time. So far so good I got drained last Thursday and no build up since then. Me being able to workout should really push my chest back out so much time to get things in order. I see the Dr. again tomorrow.

1 month Post: I decided this would be a cool picture to put up so you can see my contour from a new angle. Nipps still a bit puffy but thats swelling for you. It could take a good 6 months for it to subside so waiting patiently I am. The lipo areas are starting to fill back in as well so im very pleased 8D

1 Month: Here is a side profile of the swelling frontal shots don’t show too much justice of whats what. It’s looking a hell of a lot better then day 3. So with more time and my upcoming workout i’m sure things will pop. the skin has loosened up a lot and the scar tissue is getting softer. Soon I will be adding my oils so this should be excellent. It’s all about elasticity and I have plenty.

1 Month: This is the right side where as you can see the crease is getting its act right on lol. Very very happy about this. I’m still on my compression regime and I will continue until I see fit to stop. Also you see my pink spot is getting it’s color back.

1 Month: My arm is a bit raised in the pic but not really that much (not like above my head) but you can see the major difference in the crease as the skin is getting itself together and waking up. Working out should aid some more and I can not wait i never thought I would miss the gym so bad lol.

1 Month: OOO the achy nipple on this side I have about 50% sensation in bot but this sucker here hurts to touch it. Like not omg kill me now kind of  pain but like stubbed your toe and your parents are around so you cant curse pain lol. other then that I love it 8D


Week 5-left side: Drain hole is completely faded. Still a bit swollen but it’s going down more and more each day with continual compression. My nipples are still very much puffy but the soreness that I felt in this side has def subsided. Tomorrow I am allowed to begin my workouts I am more then pleased with knowing that. I have been a bit down since not being able to workout and seeing my definition fade a bit. nonetheless my contour still amazes me 8D

Week 5-Right side: The crease is finally starting to do something with itself. It is going to take a lot more time and patience for it to completely work its way out. With my pectoral muscle building up it will definitely help this out.

Week 5-left arm raised: Areola scar is healed over and fading out completely. Swelling is still apparently with the small indent you see under the nipple. Fatty tissue is returning to replace the lipoed parts which is filling out my chest nicely. I am very pleased with that 8D.

Week 5-Left side arm raised: Fatty tissue is taking longer to return to the lipoed sections on this side as you see abouve the nipple area. I suppose my right side is slower to heal. Thats expected with anyone’s body so I’m not to stressed over it at this point.

Week 5-Full Frontal: The crease is getting A LOT better then it previously was. My skin is still very much taking its time though but I am a lot more happy as the healing process takes over. Healing is one amazing process as you can see in the variation of the photos before this one. Constant compression and massage are the biggest factors in this healing matter. 8D

Week 7: 1 Week Back into my workout thats why week 6 was skipped also this is how I will be doing pictures from now on every 2 weeks gives more time to see a bigger difference. Fatty tissue is still slowly filling in the lipoed sections of my chest. The left side has progressed faster then the right as usual. But unlike before while lifting my arms there is no visible crease, very promising 8D.

Week 7: Close up of my chest  working out is doing wonders already for this chest of mine. Nipples have very good sensation still gaining more each day. I feel all temp. and touch sensations. No soreness or numbness that I can feel to touch. There is some when/if I apply pressure to my chest in the lipoed areas but I assume that is quite normal.


Week 7: Right side, is definitely loving the increase in muscle under it. Drain hole is remotely visible unless your trying to find it. Contouring is beautiful and gives me a lot to work with getting back into my workout.

Week 7: Left side is doing wonderful. I haven’t had a bit of fluid retention but they say to expect it within the first 3 months so I’m not out of the clear yet but so far so good. Nipples on both sides are still very very puffy but compression is working wonders on both sides. Another month and a half of this velcro vest then another 3 months of under armor shirts. My 6 month varied compression, massage, and retraction oils will pay off in the end. 8D


Week 8: Today marked the day of my in gym training. This picture shows the creased in my chest as I pull the skin upward to show how much the depth of the crease has changed. Very very promising, as I put more muscle and weight in my chest this should resolve itself. Can’t believe its almost 2 months post already.

Week 8: Healing still surprises me more and more this side is looking better and better.  Can’t wait to see what happens as my workout really starts to take off. Love being back in the gym 😉

Week 8: Left side is looking sooo perfect to me. this man has some talent when it comes to contour I can not say that enough it’s amazing. Once the right side gets itself together my chest will be awesome 100%.


Day 1 of workout


Week 8: Finally starting to see for myself some serious comparative healing. This compared to day 5 is freaking amazing. I can still tell where I have swelling its mostly in my nipples but I stay compressed except the 7-9 hrs that I sleep. Even while working out I wear under armor compression shirts.

2 Months: Things are still constantly changing its like every time i take off my compression vest it looks different then before. I only now take it off while I’m sleeping or showering.

2 Months: the use of Bio Oil and working out is definitely showing much improvement on the right side. looks 10 times better then it did and still getting better.

2 Months: over all appearance is changing. i can’t wait to see what 3 months of bio oil or more will do for my chest. I can tell the skin is starting to retain shape to my  new contour. grade A stuff 🙂

3 Months Post: Things are healing beautifully and Im just really happy with how everything is looking. With working out the crease is starting to fix itself very nicely 🙂

3 Months Post: The side profile is starting to fill  back in with fatty tissue and muscle. Excellent stuff for the most part. The drain holes are faded and have flattened out. Bio Oil has helped wonderfully with all scars and scar tissue as well as with massage. I can not even find the incision lines under my areola’s which is perfect 🙂

3 Months Post: Left side is awesome the contour is BEAUTIFUL! Many said my nipples would be too low but they are actually right where they are supposed to be. Admittedly this nipple has a bit more sensation then the right but honestly speaking it doesn not matter to me at all. There is a bit of numbness on both sides of my chest still but that is quite normal for 3 months post op 🙂

4 Months: things are progressing absolutely wonderfully. I will be seeing Dr. Miro in Belgrade, Serbia within a few short days so if any revisions are needed and he feels that it is a safe time to do so he will do them for free. I am very happy with my chest, just wish I could get more gym time in but come Feb. I will be back in the gym.

4 Months Left Side: Very pleased to see that my nipples are settling down a bit more.Let us see what a few more months of healing will do, then I have to get my pecs together for summer weather lol.

4 Months Right Side: Things are looking ALOT better for my creased side. Healing is just a serious amazing thing I really must admit that. I can’t wait to see the final results of healing its going to be an awesome ass thing. 😀


4.5 months: I had a slight chest revision when i had lower surgery. Dr. Miro allivated the crease so now when I get back into the gym things will be smoothed over very easily. I am extremely happy about the outcome now. even more then before.

 4.5 months: relaxed view so you can see the drastic effect the revision had on this side of my chest where the crease was. And to think this fix was free with my bottom surgery 😀

Day 1 with personal trainer

9 Months Post Op: Still dealing with a bit of depression on the right side. It is clearing up as I workmy chest out more and more. Ive now gotten back where i can train hard without worrying about hurting my groin area. Things are looking good 😀 I will see a local surgeon this week to see about further revisions and possible pectoral implants in the future. I’ll keep you all posted, sorry about no side views next time.

Pretty spot on to what I wanted huh

Pretty spot on to what I wanted huh 145 15% BMI

13 Months Post Op: Things are still getting better I am seeking a revision still but it’s not a lie or death ordeal. If I get it then I get it, if not it can wait until phalloplasty no biggie lol. I have a lot more mass muscle wise to put on so that could help a few issues but others will have to be surgically corrected. As I gain weight there’s now more skin in my chest area so Im thinking a mastopexy and/or full concentric circular periareola to excise the extra skin. I also am looking at the reduction of my nipple-areola complex.

Full frontal standing shoulder back

Full frontal standing shoulders back @ 169 lbs 26% BMI 

Right side 4 years post op

Right side 4 years post op

Left side 4 year post op

Left side 4 year post op

4 years Post Op: Things are great. I am still seeking a revision due to indentation which isn’t clearly visible in these photos but in person it is. So since insurance is obliged to fix these sorts of things I am going to get it done while I can and move on from it finally.

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  1. where the pictures?!

  2. Mason says:

    Damn your looking good man! Happy for you!

  3. Monique says:

    Wow! i love it! and im loving the site!

  4. I see you man. Just give your chest time to heal and allow the skin to wake up!

  5. Monique says:

    Just checking in with the patient. Everything is looking amazing! well done hun. xxxxx

  6. Jamel says:

    lookin great man!

  7. Sly says:

    i was wondering is their a medical reason you wear the armor while working out?

    • toyneboi says:

      Yes its for compression, when you have peri surgery there needs to be a lot more detail and attention when it comes to healing of the chest. It breaks up scar tissue and helps with swelling of the chest. Peri takes longer to heal and settle down then double incision. I have a blog post about it just click the categories that say peri

  8. Sly says:

    thanks I read your blog about it before….I guess I was expecting you to not be wearing it during training.

    • toyneboi says:

      the compression you see in these photos isn’t what I wear to the gym. I wear the under armor shirts that a lot of athletes wear. I just get a size smaller then what I would wear for the added compression. Plus it makes my pecs look awesome lol

  9. Sly says:

    lol ooooooooooooooo lol i get it now..thanks

  10. slicklej says:

    hey man, hope you doing great and life is good. i am pre everything. haven’t come out to my family yet. kinda dropped a hint to my mum, she wanted to talk about it but i wasn’t ready for that. i was wondering what comes first, in terms of psych evaluation, hormones and surgery. but what i really want to know is, is it possible to go for top surgery without going through therapy and not on testosterone therapy?

    • toyneboi says:

      Im feeling great thanks for asking man. Yes it is more then possible to have top surgery before being on t. there are some people who can never take t for various medical reasons and they have top surgery with no issue. You just have to find a surgeon who is willing to work with you on what the SOC are vs what they personally believe. As some drs think that you must do things in a certain order which is not true at all.

  11. Brett says:

    Thank you SO much for sharing this! It gives me so much hope again as well. 🙂
    You went to Belgrade for all of this? Or are you also from Belgrade yourself? And please, where on Earth did you have it done, which doctor/clinic, please tell me, as I am from Belgrade and I really want this done properly too.

    • toyneboi says:

      No Brett I am grim the US. Dr miroslav djordjevic in Belgrade will do your surgery. I am going else where for phallo.

      • Brett says:

        Thank you very much. 🙂 I’m also curious now did you wait long for the top surgery and what in short did you have to do to get it started?

      • toyneboi says:

        Nope not at all. I had top surgery on 2 years of starting t. I also had it covered by insurance. All I needed to do was get required letters for surgery. Dr Miro will do your top surgery so if you’re from Belgrade you could get itno speak with him asap. His website is on the left hand side of the blog under the links. Contact him asap and he can help you get started with the entire process from start to end. I can not recommend him more!

      • Brett says:

        Well thank you so much for everything. As I said this gets all my hopes back up and more. 🙂 I am not going through this the very same way you do, as in I have done none of this yet before and haven’t figured out how it can work for me the way I want it to (in practical sense with doctors and paperwork). I would certainly prefer this (top) operation first in any case, and I have read somewhere that many people do it that way or do just the top operation anyway. I am glad for you too and I wish you all the best with the continuing treatments. You must be really brave. Congratulations!

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