Metoidioplasty: Dr Miro-Surgical Yuckies

The oral laxative I had to take to cleanse my bowels before surgery. Crap didnt even work lol, I went 3-4 days with out bowel movements but had plenty of gas:D

The infamous butt donut, you will become friends with this after surgery until you can sit on your butt with no issues. Im one of the lucky few that have mastered ass sitting in my first week 😀

These bad boys are my anti-embolism stockings. They will help keep you clear of thrombosis and swelling in the legs after surgery and from staying stationary so long. Walmart has them pretty cheap for $30. Why they are so high who knows but wally world has the cheaper price.

My sexy new pamper lol…Gauze, tape, and catheter


Catheter filled with blood, one of the first indications of hematoma


Another picture of blood in urine, this line leads to the urine bag


The Buccal Graft, tried to get a good pic but kinda hard when you cant open your mouth very wide



This is the way I gauze and pad my junk so he’s safe and so im not itching to death lol

2 gauzes folded long ways

Its like a pad but its pure cotton very comfy over my junk

Just more padding in its bag

This is the supplies for flushing my stent. Just saline and the needle and syringe. I flush it twice a day

This is what I use now since im home to make sure everything stays clean and sterile. even though Im allowed to use soap and water this helps to get everything 100% disinfected. The spray on saline is pretty neat when trying to reach areas that are trickier.

you know with all the antibiotics Im using I would highly doubt if I ever caught an infection from now to the end of next year lol. this is the cream i so much adore and as you see i use it frequently. Its helped healing things over very very well.

A pic of the new package and its padding. for a pad and 2 gauzes i think thats a nice bulge ill take another when i get to remove the padding. I dont think it’ll change too much 🙂


The infamous urine bag, you should see it after i wake up from a nap lol. It very interesting to be peeing and not even realize your doing so.


The pills to keep me healthy: the smallest white pill is an antibiotic I dont have to take anymore thats ciprocinal. The large white pill is an antibiotic called augmentin I take that daily until my catheter is removed. The 2 green pills are the veggie pills and the 2 redish pills are the fruit pills.

Antibiotic used for the first 7 days, you can take half a pill twice a day or like i did a whole pill once a day. Its easier to remember like that for me.

Augmentin antibiotic, taken twice a day for 7 days and then once a day until the suprapubic catheter is removed.

Since everyone was asking about them I though I would share what they look like. These are the fruit and veggie pills I take, they smell like ass but work wonders for the immune system 😀

The almighty 6 month supply of Cialis I keep referencing to

  1. Sy says:

    Hello, proud man:

    Happy New Year to you!
    I just got back from my home in Europe. Had good time there. Big smiles.
    Want to check in with you. Hope you are doing well with your healing.
    Congratulations to your removal of catheter. What a big relief! Yeaaahhhh.
    Keep going with you recovery. Thank you for your updated information while I was in Europe.
    You are a good role model to our trans community. Big smiles. See yeaaah, proud man

  2. Jil says:

    Hi, my name is Jill, but I’ve decided my new name will be Nick. I’m looking for info about going through the change and there are still quite a few ppl who don’t know. I’m taking it a little at a time. I have been looking for websites about the genital reconstruction with pictures but I haven’t been able to find any, think you could help me out?

    • toyneboi says:

      If you look at my blog roll and read the link carefully you will find what your looking for. Just be mindful the group will probably not approve you yet because you are so early in transition. This is to obtain other members privacy to the fullest. You should def first start with the baby steps of transition like getting consent for starting T as well as funding for top surgery ect. Jumping straight to lower surgery isn’t going to help really.

  3. When I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new testamonials are added- checkbox and after this every time a comment is added I purchase four emails sticking with the same comment. Is there any method for you to remove me from that service? Thanks!

  4. loon says:

    the juice pills what exactly do you use them for im new to your blog bte, and the pills under it too i know there a natural pill but do you use them to boost your immune system…… also whats your tumblr

    • Sir Vertigo says:

      They are used to boost the immune system as well as to keep my body balanced. During the recovery you do not eat like you are supposed to so I wasnt getting my allotted amount of fruits and veggies a day so the pills replaced the nutrients i was not getting.

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