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So in a few hours it’ll be my one year post op. I can not even begin to explain how fast that mess went by lol. Everything is on the up and up and I’m still getting more sensation in,  all around the tip and underside. I’m still swollen from stage 2 towards the tip but it’s going down little by little. Makes no impact on my urine flow so it’s all good in that neighborhood. In 92 days I’ll be seeing Dr Chen for my last stage, very much excited as the implant I’m getting I’m VERY confident in. And yes you read correctly, Chen will be doing my last stage. I could’ve easily waited on Crane to come back in May but that’s so not the business when Chen is totally capable so that’s why I’m letting him finish things up no biggie to me. 


But on to this implant ordeal, in doing some digging around I found out the life expectancy is totally different than what I’ve heard consistently over the years. Also paying close attention that the Coloplast Titan has better results than AMS products. The max I’ve heard has always been 5 years before needing a replacement but this was before they started to notice the demographic they were also serving aka younger guys. Since my length is over 7 the Coloplast Titan OTR(one touch release) XL cylinders is best suited for my needs for at least the next 15 years. So I’m pretty happy about that part. So I will take my chances with what makes me happy first, and then if for some reason that does not pan out then later it can easily be replaced with semi rigid also by Coloplast. And I’m totally ok with that sacrifice if it means at least seeing if it works first the way I need. Not everyone is willing to do that but I have my reasons as we all do. And I have a great urologist as well as Dr Chen right here with me so I think I will be just fine. I am really glad that I got this situated before it got even closer to surgery as that was my last little stressor of this entire process!


Now I can relax and plan life normally like everyone else finally. Feels pretty good but it was kinda scary at first just not knowing what to do with all this energy I focused into this process. But slowly I’ve found my way thanks to awesome support system.


Umm not sure what else to put so feel free to ask whatever you may want to know or join the Brownstein&Crane Yahoo Group if you think it’s too descriptive to ask :) 



Sir Vertigo:

I’m soooooooo happy things are starting to head in the right direction. When you stay silent everyone suffers. And it’s horrible anyone brings Pinky’s race into this but it is the sad truth of how many people in our community think. What is this 1920? It’s scary to know or should I say be reminded that there are huge bigots in our own community smh.

Hang in there Ky, it’s just going to get better.

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It’s been a while since I last posted an update on Ky, primarily because there really hasn’t been much to report on my end. Most of my leads for support have turned up empty. That just means that his story hasn’t reached enough people and I have a lot more work to do. Even though it’s good to post lots of things to keep people engaged and talking about Ky, it’s even better that I’m not having to write about daily torment by the officers. So it is literally a relief to report that there is nothing bad to report.

As for Ky, our last update mentioned that the Medical Director at Pulaski was under investigation, and no longer practicing medicine.

July 23rd, 2015 –  Ky tells me that he had gotten sick. He had a sore throat and was feeling pretty bad. Ky sent in a request to see someone in medical…

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