So yesterday I finally went for my pre op consult to discuss the revision needed on my chest. I originally was going to go with Dr Anooshian since I was very fond of his results and him as a provider. However, I really do not want to wait until fall to get this situation fixed. So he referred me out to one of his colleagues, which ironically I met when I had an ER trip after phallo.

We came with a very good plan after she gave me about three options on how we can approach fixing my chest. She’s very knowledgeable and totally can tell by her approach she has much expertise in breast and reconstructive surgery. I am going to continue on with a full double incision revision. She wants to remove some skin to tighten the contour. I want my nipples resized and the stalks shaved down. Over the years they seem to have become more and more wonky. The biggest issue we will face in all of this is the fat distribution or lack there of that I have due to over liposuction during my first procedure. It’s sucks but there are resolutions for this so I’m not stressing. Ultimately this will be a staggered procedure consisting of the initial procedure letting that heal and then coming back in for fat grafting to add bulk to my chest so I’ll actually be able to create a pec. The thing with that is fat grafting depending on how you take to it may have to be done several times. I am but so big fat wise so I’m not too sure how this will pan out but I’m up for trying none the less. Nothing really to lose by doing so. And if all else fails there are always pectoral implants but I will cross that road when the appropriate time permits.

So now it’s the waiting game. Just literally waiting on a phone call to schedule my pre op appt then the next day will be surgery. She said it will be anytime before June she has to check her schedule then she will let the nurse know and they will contact me to schedule. It’s exciting! I’m really glad to have this resolved and in such a quick manner. I have not personally seen her results but I have no doubt in her skill especially as she trained under Dr Anooshian doing ftm reconstructive surgery after years of doing other sorts of breast reconstructive surgeries for cancer patients which require alot of skill. She is also trained as a microsurgeon which I found very interesting and valuable as there are alot of nerve endings in my chest that I worry about. She did stress the fact my nipples sensation would be pretty much gone but for some strange reason I really have faith I’ll be one of the odd balls and get it back my body just defys natural laws in all sorts of ways lol. When I get more information I’ll update for sure…

Until next time…


So I’ve been a tad neglectful in my updating here as I’ve been updating to the Brownstein&Crane Surgical Yahoo Group. I’ve posted numerous pictures and videos demonstrating several things. I decided this would beneficial to those seeking ALT phalloplasty with Dr Crane or Dr Chen. If you would like to join:

*please note all applicants need to be approved after completing necessary entrance questionnaire. This is to protect privacy and the dynamic within the group*

Now on to the fun stuff:

I hit 5 months post op on the 10 and then turned 27 on the 17th (sheesh I’m getting old lol). At this point I can accurately say I can feel from base to tip in most places. It’s overly sensitive right now so even lightly brushing against it can be hella uncomfortable. But nonetheless I’m totally happy that sensation is coming back full force. I have no issues with erotic/erogenous sensation  orgasms feel awesome and are very strong; they actually get stronger each time it happens. At this point I can pee anyway I like with no issues. All fistulas closed (thanks medihoney!) and everything is closed over and healed well. Even the incision under the shaft is smoothed over. It feels like a nice vein at this point. I also retained my ability to ejaculate which I was worried about but nothing to fear it’s still very much with me.

Donor thigh still has some knee swelling going on and tightness hut that’s the normal and I expect that to last the next year or so until the skin and muscles get back to a proper balance. Also I need to do more physical exercises/rehabilitation to assist I’m this loosening of the skin. As its really tight and cold weather does not make my leg feel any better. My Dr’s said I have neuropathy, basically my nerves tend to freak out in my leg so I have a bit of nerve pain. I’m combating that with vapor rub actually and soon I’ll be getting a CBD medicated balm to use. For those in medical cannabis States definitely try topical instant pain relief most containing little THC so there no real high just pain relief. I’ll talk about my mad scientist side in another post lol.

Other then that I am just waiting for July to get here already. My next stage will consist of resuturing my scrotum, moving my urethra back to the tip, 1st stage glansplasty, and about half an inch reduction in the shaft girth.  My last stage will be in Dec and will be done by Dr Chen as Crane will be in Austin TX setting up his second location! So I’m totally fine with him not doing my last stage as this new location is beneficial to thousands of people. Plus I have faith Dr Chen will do a damn good job placing my testicle implants and doing the finishing touches to my custom glansplasty. I am not getting the semi rigid any time soon as I’d like to allow time to see how things pan out with what I have. My other half mad a valid point when she said “don’t get it before you try it out to see if you even need it”, that true. I may not need it but I never know unless I give it a try. Plus I would like to allow everything to heal and settle instead of reopening the penis every 6 months. This was one of the main reasons I got ALT and not forearm as the rigidity naturally allows me to forego erectile devices internally.

So now it’s just the waiting game,  3 months and 11 days to go!

Oh wait I lied lol, I forgot about the electrolysis. I showed Dr Anooshian personally why 10 sessions of electrolysis was no where near enough for full hair removal of the penis pre op. As well as what risks shaving the penis for life may cause such as infections, hair bumps, and let’s face it not everyone wraps it up so more prone to STD as shaving opens the skin.  After this harmless conversation I got approved for more electrolysis to be covered! Yay I was worried about that but just simply stating my case has gotten me results,  closed mouths don’t get fed I suppose. So I should be having my first session post op next month. KP is having a special topical compounded for me since I can totally feel alot more than most at almost 6 months. Once I get it I’ll make a post about what it is in case anyone wanted to have it compunded for themselves. And I’ll totally update after my first session on pain level and progress of post op hair removal.

Until then…