The Man Behind The Blog

Purpose Of  This Blog:

This blog is dedicated to the trans-positive education effort and also to help spread a more positive surgical light amongst the POC (people of color) transgender community. As apart of trans-visibility in our society the main aspects of transition (medical, surgical, and societal transition) should be available in an in-depth, medically, emotionally, and trans-affirmed dialogue. For many years a person of transgender experience story has been told but not from the direct perspective of that said person which leaves room for what I like to call “stand in commentary” by the author of said articles. This blog is directly from a POC man of transgender experience who is giving you real uncut unedited transition stories to finally fully educate those on what we as transmen may or may not go through. As well as to dismiss any and all myths that also linger around about where we stand in society and what morals we have. I myself being of transgender experience and a future physician can tell you we as transgender men and women are just as normal and important to society as anyone else. Who we identify as has absolutely nothing to do with our abilities and we should never be judge on solely who we identify as. With this blog I will prove that point as this will be an on-going in depth look into my life and all aspects of it. Some of my most personal thoughts will be shared here with no fear of judgement. In hopes to educate at least one person and letting that education spread like wild fire, as they say knowledge is power.

Transition Time Line:

  • 5 years 2 months on T
  • Post op: TLH-BSO surgery as of June 8th 2010
  • Post-op: Top surgery as of July 19th 2010
  • Post-op: Metoidioplasty stage 1(pre-phalloplasty) surgery as of December 9th 2010
  • Pre-op: Phalloplasty…February 25th 2014.


  • Soon to major in Clinical Psychology. I plan on establishing a large scale treatment facility to help assist transgender men and women all over the nation and in time the world as well.
  • Owner of Gateway Trans* Health™ (
  • Previous Owner of Black Dragon Pumps™: Trans-masculine lower surgery initiative for those seeking metoidioplasty. (

Personal Reflection:

I live in a world that is harsh and un-excepting to the lifestyle and religion I find myself in. Many people hate and despise what they do not understand. Lack of knowledge is the root to all the major issues in our world today that and pure ignorance. I don’t like drama nor will i stand for it. I classify myself as a grown man. I can clearly say i feel 10000000% more comfortable as a man. I’ve always felt trapped in this body of mine and been screaming to let the real me out. Now that I can finally take my own life into my own hands I am doing what makes me happy. Regardless of the complications and circumstances that may come with this I will maintain and stay strong