Scenery Of Belgrade Trip, Dr Miro’s Team

This section will be all the touristic photos of beautiful Belgrade as well as the trip to and from Belgrade and everything I can find interesting. I can not wait to sight see well the little I will be able to.



getting ready to leave EWR

Runway at EWR

ewr-officailly off the coast

ewr-overlooking newark

ewr-overlooking newark2

This is a picture of the in flight map of travel. I got to watch the whole trip and knew where i was at all times. It was pretty interesting to see all the places as we sped by as well as seen how fast the plane was going. Boeing 757 hit about 590 top speed

Zurich in the midst of dawn, pretty aint it?

Another angle of Zurich skys as the sun comes out

I just love this place lol

Making the final decent to Zurich Airport

Landing in Zurich

clouds so fluffy!

Leaving Zurich for Belgrade, had to catch the alps

My decent to Belgrade, these clouds are freaking awesome

My first real look at Belgrade

Belgrades Stadium, took this especially for my grandma 🙂

View of the library and church near the childrens hospital that Dr. Miro works. I seen him earlier very very nice man, cant wait for tomorrow 🙂

Excuse the bed I didn’t feel like moving my stuff lol

One half of the storage space in the bedroom, the other side is identical.

Dining room area and/or sitting room your choice

Living room- Theres a nice flat screen, dvd player, phone, and some more stuff so I’m well entertained when the time comes for me to be back here after surgery. I’ll post a picture of what it actually looks like in a few my battaries need to charge.

tv area as promised, wifi is best from the position im taking this picture until Marta can get them to connect to her unit with the stronger signal.

This is right next to the TV, full of just about everything you can think of surgically needed.


Bathroom- just out of the pic at the right bottom is the washer so its all in one thing going on here. Fully equipped with sanitary supplies. They are located in the drawer for your convience.

Kitchen table and space

Kitchen counter, this area is FULLY equiped with everything you need as far as cooking is concern. Cabinets are filled tehre is even a coffe maker under the sink.

Pantry and fridge nice little side for a bachelor, I could live here no issues lol

The back yard area

Itook a picture of the heating unit because it nice. it has these nice designs on it and looks hand done.

This is just a dawn pic of whats in front of the apt. im on the bottom floor

Front yard covered in snow


Antoher angle of the snow, it really came down for like 4 days straight lol

Snow took over the backyard area, I cant stand it but it was pretty none the less

One of my the meals Marta and her family prepared sooo good 😀

Another view mm mm GOOD! 😀

Ok enough of the food porn lol


FYI: The Apt. im in is located near Dr. Marta, so if she tells you your near her this is what you can look forward to 🙂



The flier for St. Medica…I had to jack one for my records lol

Closet area and TV

Sitting area by the window, wont see much of this lol besides looking at it from the bed

The thing i’ll spend my next few days in lmao


Shower, its not big as the US showers but i have come to realize we take up too much damn space in the US

nice sink area


Breakfast at St. Medica, my favorite cookies.

Lunch, fries, fried vegatables, grilled chicken, bread, and soup

Another view of lunch mmm mmm

Salad in belgrade is different but very good


Leaving Belgrade for Frankfurt Germany:


Frankfurt Germany

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  1. Sy Ulrike says:

    Hi, Salaam:

    Wow, you made pictures for us. You are so sweet, lovely, thoughtful, patient, and special.
    Thank you so much for sharing your cool pictures with us. Yes, they look amazing and cozy. I miss my Europe where I was born and raised in Germany. I will be seeing my family in 2 weeks. I can’t wait. Belgrade is a cool place to see. Wonderful people there that I know. They will be very supportive of you during your surgery and recovery. I really am so excited for you tomorrow. You will be a real MAN tomorrow!!!! Yeaaaahhhh! Wish you Best, Good Luck for your surgery. Be thinking of you. Please take care of yourself. Take your deep breath!!! You will make it! Big Smiles!!!

    • toyneboi says:

      Yes yes i love pictures and thought it was only right to share with those that may come this route in surgery.It realy is a lovely lovely place here I want to move to Europe but this just confirms every reason as to why I would want to. I am waiting to taste the local food I can not wait. I just need to exchange some money for local currency but i will most likely be doing that once I return on sun-monday…taking a nice stroll to the local shops to get food. most say do it before but i know myself has to stay up and up or else Iwill never go outside lol.

  2. Damn you waste no time!

    • toyneboi says:

      lol now you know me better then that…we’re talking about mr handy cam i have pics of everything lol. gotta love my ipod app. if i had the 4th gen ipod right now it would be even worse. and i was temped to buy one in the airport lol

      • Coyote says:

        These pics make me “home sick”. Yeah, Marta and her family live upstairs so prepare to get some home cooked food and home baked goodies. We got a torte and some delicious poppy seed coffee cake. Her parents don’t speak English but her sister is fluent. Nice family! The wifi is strongest in the a.m., by evening, when everybody is home, the signal gets weaker. FYI.
        Happy healing, bro!

      • toyneboi says:

        good becuase ill need it most def…thanks bro!

  3. Jay says:

    Don’t drop the soap! LOL Did that on my first shower. NO FUN! LOL Ah, yes, the purple room. 8 days in that room!

  4. Tayden says:

    THe pictures are cool bro! Don’t over do it make sure you rest!

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