Metoidioplasty: Dr Miro – Surgical Documents

This page will be for all the documents I recieve during surgery. Personaly information will be edited out to protect my privacy but I will keep things 100% accurate so you can have as much real life experience as possible.

Documents to be included:

Sugical report

Surgical pricing

Surgical apartment pricing

Surgical apartment amenities list and important contacts

And anything related to my surgery in Belgrade


This is the pre surgery consent form you will sign when having surgery in Belgrade with Miro’s team.

This is my surgical letter. I can use this to change any gender marker I have left. Luckily in NJ they only require top surgery but I’m going to send proof of all surgery so they can’t say they did not understand lol.

This letter was written so any airport security that may have checked my bags would know that the 12 boxes of cialis I have was indeed for my medical purposes and not for sale.

This is my reciept of payment for surgery. The remaining 60 Euros I paid right before I was due to come home along with the apartment fees and for my meds.


Inside the directory book at the apt. It has all important number and info for all of the Dr’s as well as menus and more for those who want to order out.

Info for the drs located in the blue book

This is a list of the apartments amenities…there was alot of good stuff in there 😀

Finally this is the reciept for the apt stay and all its amenities 😀

  1. Tam says:

    Great job on the blog! I just completed top surgery and am starting to research my options for bottom. I really like this surgeon’s work but the idea of traveling to Belgrade is a bit scary. Seeing the reality (like how the apartment is appointed) makes it a bit less so!

    • toyneboi says:

      Hey man thanks for the love on the blog! 😀 Im glad i could be of assistance. Just a a heads up in the next month or so Miro will be launching a newer version of his site and you will be able to Skype consult with him! I’ve been working with him to make this possible as many guys like yourself have the same fears. He and his team are really excellent, caring, and kind it is definitely unlike any care you will receive here and leaves a lasting impression on you not just physically but a warm place in your heart as well. I’ve never stayed in contact with surgeons or drs here, it was just surgery and after that I became a number. Miro is literally my friend and we talk very often. I hope in the coming years of my medical training I will be able to work side by side with him.

  2. Tam says:

    that is so cool, i will keep a look out for him – he’s #1 on my list

    i hope to start T this month so I have 12 months to get ready!

    • toyneboi says:

      If your going to do it that soon after being on T i would highly highly suggest pumping to get max growth as at a year you may not have enough growth. But miro will definitely tell you if there needs to be more time. I’d also suggest grabbing a hysto if you can via insurance prior to going knocks off 3K+ off the surgical amount.

  3. Tam says:

    I had the hysto at the same time I had chest surgery so luckily that is all done.

    I have no idea about pumping – are there particular brands that are better/easier to use?

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