Incarcerating US; a socially relevant documentary

Posted: December 23, 2016 in update

New film, Incarcerating US, features Amy Povah’s clemency from President Clinton that inspired her to start the CAN-DO Foundation and why she’s driven to help others seeking mercy through clemency. Women often serve time due to the actions of their significant other: Most people serving 20 years to life for…

Source: Incarcerating US; a socially relevant documentary


These are the faces of the drug war. Behind every face is a human with a story. Overly punitive drug laws create negative consequences that trigger a chain reaction upon innocent family members, friends and our society. Most of these people have been locked up for decades. Until our drug laws change, the only relief these people have for mercy, is a presidential pardon in the form of executive clemency.

Clemency for Nonviolent Drug Offenders

  • 1,899,380 supporters

  • 162 petitions

Help them gain freedom! Sign petitions here




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