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INDEPENDENCE, CA - DECEMBER 09:  PA vintage photograph is displayed at Manzanar War Relocation Center at Manzanar National Historic Site on December 9, 2015 near Independence, California. Recent presidential campaign rhetoric against Muslims in the wake of terror attacks has drawn comparisons to World War II era incarceration of Japanese Americans. Manzanar War Relocation Center was one of ten internment camps where Japanese American citizens and resident Japanese aliens were incarcerated from 1942 to 1945 during World War II.  (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)


Carl Higbie: I know the ACLU is going to challenge it, and we’ve done it in the past with Iran back … back a while ago. We did it World War II with Japanese. Which, you know, call it what you will. May be wrong.

Megyn Kelly: Come on. You’re not proposing we go back to the days of internment camps, I hope. That’s the kind of stuff that gets people scared. …

Higbie: I’m just saying there is precident for it. I’m not saying I agree with it. But in this case—

Kelly: You can’t be citing Japanese internment camps as precedent for anything the president-elect is going to do.

Sure he can. He just did.

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I have said this and people said I was paranoid and that he did not have the power to do this in this day and age. You all need to read more into the powers of what this man can really do with the executive orders that he will have access to. We need to rise up and protect ourselves before it is too late. We were complacent and let this hatred get too close to the white house now we only have a short period of time to stop this madness before all hell breaks lose and so many innocent lives are destroyed. This is a country of freedom in so many ways and right now that freedom is under attack on the home front and it seems as if our own soldiers are doing NOTHING to protect us and soon they will be obligated to turn against us which scares me so much more! What do we do when they are forced to rise against us? Who will save us? Will our allies come from across the seas like the many times we have stepped in for them in times of need? We need to treat homeland terrorist groups like these the same as we treat groups like Isis, there should be NO double standards based on skin color. We are all human beings and all bleed the same way and all breathe the same way therefore the president in his last day should put the military on red alert and seek out these groups and suppress them immediately!!!!

I beg of you all do the right thing please share this post with as many people as you can the truth needs to get out there!





A few words of ease in times of under uncertainty in this world:

New York, New York–November 11, 2016.

This is the first Veterans’ Day on which transgender service members serve openly, recognized by our government for their authentic selves and honored in the open, rather than in the shadows. We thank all transgender military personnel for their service to our country and our community. You have built — along with our allies who serve at your side — upon the strong foundation that countless veterans forged over decades of advocacy and vigilance, showing us as a nation that change, in even the most conservative of institutions, is possible if we keep speaking out.

This Veterans’ Day is also bittersweet, falling just days after our united progressive communities were dealt a serious blow. We at TLDEF understand that many in the trans community fear a Trump Administration, believing that the many advances ushered in, by and through the Obama Administration could evaporate overnight. During this time of deep unease, let us hold one another close and acknowledge the concerns we are all experiencing, and help one another to get the support we need.

Though we go forward on what will likely be a difficult path, we need not lose hope, and we need not reconcile ourselves to second class citizenship. Transgender people have survived and thrived through the most hostile of political administrations. We are a battle-tested and resilient group. Be assured, our rights movement cannot be silenced by the stroke of a pen, even if that pen is held by President-elect Trump. Indeed, the many forms of protection put in place by the Obama Administration and the federal courts cannot all be undone overnight. State and city law protections, like court orders recognizing our names and genders and myriad nondiscrimination laws, where available, are not at risk. TLDEF and our sister organizations stand at the ready to protect each and every advancement we won over the last eight years, and we are determined to continue to push, charting new paths forward.

TLDEF will continue to stand strong on behalf of all those we serve. We will redouble our organizing efforts and reaffirm our commitment to transgender equality. We will never waver as we carry out our mission to ensure that all transgender people are treated equitably under the law, and with dignity and respect in our daily lives.

Going forward, we must be united within the trans community and we must also continue to forge alliances with other progressive communities that will also face obstacles over the next four years. TLDEF stands in solidarity with all progressive communities, recognizing that the dignity and humanity of our fellow human beings is not something which is up for debate.

As our community and other progressive communities come to terms with our new reality, be assured that there will be many resources marshaled in our communities to help you. TLDEF will continue to fight in federal and state courts across the country to ensure that the most vulnerable among the trans community are afforded expert legal representation at the highest levels. We will continue to file friend-of-the-court briefs, including a brief in the United States Supreme Court in early January 2017, advocating for Gavin Grimm’s right to use the boys restroom at his high school in Virginia. TLDEF’s name change project will continue to operate, pairing trans people across the nation with lawyers at leading law firms to ensure barriers to recognition of our authentic selves are minimized. TLDEF is also working to create concrete action steps to provide our community with the resources and expert guidance needed so you can advocate for yourself, your families, and your communities over the next few years. Please keep an eye out in the coming weeks for this guidance. In the meantime, for those of you desiring peace of mind about your federal identity documents such as passports and social security records, here is information from a sister organization that you can use to begin the amendment process.

We are a resilient group. We have been through a lot over a long period of time, and yet, through community, love and faith, we have created room for ourselves and our loved ones to flourish. We well know that nothing is guaranteed in life. We have always found ways, through community, to create a voice for ourselves. And through community, we will support and help each other to survive, and thrive, and have our voices heard.

Please remember these words of encouragement and go fourth holding your heads a bit higher knowing we can fight back! It’s not over until we bring truthful change into this system!