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At least 11 people were wounded Monday at Ohio State University when a Somali immigrant used a car to plow into a crowd of people before stabbing them. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (also known as ISIS) has claimed responsibility for the episode – referring to Abdul Razak Ali Ratan as a “soldier”. […]

via America’s War on Terror Generates Terrorism — Zone of Non-being

This piece right here was excellently written by a young brother. I highly recommend reading this and reading the comment section of the blog, very bright, and enlightened minds there.



target: Amazon

The Fraternal Order of Police has asked Amazon to stop selling Black Lives Matter items deemed “offensive” to them. 

This petition is asking Amazon to release a statement promising to continue to sell Black Lives Matter merchandise.

The Black Lives Matter movement is about empowering the systemically oppressed, and that is something Amazon should stand behind. 

The Police Union claims that asking Amazon to stop selling this merchandise is about increasing trust between police and the community, but trying to squash the community’s needs, desires, and rights by limiting their freedom of expression will not lead to that end. The union already got Walmart to stop selling this stuff, we can’t let them pressure Amazon into doing the same thing.

Sign if you want Amazon to continue to sell BLM merchandise. 

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