Pay very close attention to the slide show presentation that you come to. I learned something new. Followed by the things left highly down played by the mainstream media who is failing us so severely! It’s true, it’s as if they are being brought off at this point and it’s sad but I understand the reason for it. New York times is trash, fox news is trash, CNN is trash, MSNBC is trash! These are supposed to be avenues we trust to report reliable news especially about our elections instead they allow fear peddling, fake news, one sided selection, candidate tainting, and Lord knows what else as we have seen this last election session. We have been the laughing stock around the world and it just continues.

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Ok soooo sorry if this is a bit out of context but I feel I should explain my last few posts for my long term subscribers, I have gone a bit social justice its not new just another side of myself I’d like to openly share since it’s beneficial. (If i offend anyone I apologize in advance however please keep in mind these are my explicit thoughts so I am entitled to be open and blunt)…

I haven’t had a chance to actually write here since all of this election stuff has transpired but I have been pretty ticked off about a lot of this. It is just a disgrace to our country what is going on in so many ways I do not even have enough room here to begin to start on the ways that we as  society are acting!

  1. We denounce terrorist like ISIS yet in the same breath do not protect our own citizens from WHITE SUPREMACISTS!
  2. We denounce leaders like Hilter, Putin, and Kim Jong-un because of the moral and ethic decorum they lack for the world, however as a NATION we find it acceptable that 538 delegates should give all power to one man with the same discernment and temperament as such?!
  3. We denounce the oppression of women and young girls worldwide, whom may be under suffrage or pure oppression. Yet here as a NATION we find it acceptable that 538 delegates give power to one man that enjoys grabbing any woman he pleases, “by the pussy”?! If you are not old enough to remember school house rocks, YouTube it learn your amendments and let me know when you hit number 12! The oppression behind not being able to vote really did something back then. If we can embody that spirit and channel it into modern day era there would be no GOP! We must fight for their equality on every level! As they are our equals as our Wives, Mothers, Aunts, sisters, cousins, daughters, or even your friends who ever they are to you they deserve just as much as every one of us men in this world. To deny them that would be inhumane and oppressive in and of that it self would it not?!! To deny a woman anything is deny yourself manhood in my humble and honest opinion and if you do not understand that then you have a lot of growing up to do because you have clearly forgotten the womb you have come from….
  4. What happened to the NATION that put the first man on the moon? Can we not pull it together long enough and unplug from the matrix of reality TV and Trumped up propagandize monkeys feeding you billion dollar stories to see the truth here? YOU HAVE BEEN CONNED!!!!! ALMOST 2 YEARS LONG!!!!!! And like a maniacal toddler with a rattle and a half empty bottle in a cradle I’ve been banging throwing a hissy fit bitching at the top of my lungs screaming “THE TRUMPKINS ARE COMING, THE TRUMPKINS ARE COMING! HIDE THE PRECIOUS!!!!!!” *involuntarily starts stashing all I’ve gained over the last decade smh*. And all I get told is “calm down, it’s not that bad”, ” Calm down, he won’t even win”,  “Calm down, i dont know why its that serious you’ll be fine this is america he cant do anything”. Folks, we need to be more accountable for our shit, unplug some got damn times hit the streets and find out whats really going on out in the world because let me tell you all some real live shit, what you see and what you get isn’t always what they show you on that damn TV screen you all better wake your asses up real quick! But I guess we will just wait until Standing Rock happens more often? How another Ferguson? Some of the realest and most accurate news is coming from people like you reading this and me typing this. Its a time in America when we are going to have to go back to our freedom of Press and Speech to uphold the truth because we CAN NOT and I repeat this again CAN NOT rely on mainstream Media to do this for us.

This is the second time in my life that I will have to witness another INSANE AND INCOMPETENT man ruin the nation and world I LOVE! To be quite honest, its down right breaking my fucking heart! I know many people read my blogs but I also use this as space to vent so that’s what I am going to do at the moment as I just need to. I am not too sure how I will get through this shitfest as I am much older and understand so much more than I did with Bush in 2000. I was so naive in my thinking, all I knew was my father was my hero and I didn’t want him to die. I didn’t want anyone to hurt my hero and I was mad at anything brown. But now looking forward and looking behind I feel like a got damn fool because I know better 28 vs 13. It makes me glad that I didn’t hold any misguided hatred in my heart towards anyone, it makes me very glad that I was in a home that was loving and I was not around hate mongering people that breed and festered those wounds, in fact I love my grandmother so very much for not letting me fall into a pit of utter darkness during that time because I could’ve went all the wrong way. I wanted to go into the military and be just like my dad but instead I didn’t and now it makes sense because i wasn’t supposed to.  There are lives I have to protect that is true indeed, but that can be done without giving my life over to the hands of this man or any other its just another way to number me in a sense, just another way for me to self destruct. However, I feel like there are bigger plans for me and this election most definitely sparked something for everyone everywhere good and bad. And that in itself is something to be wary of. I have personally written several of my state officials regarding Trump and his administration picks, I’ve written in about his choices and the GOP choices about cancelling and/or privatizing the VA, Schools, SSI, Medicare, and Medicaid see for many that is no big deal but for a lot of people this is a HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE issue. This immediately puts over half the country in poverty that is including all of his wonderful voters, yes so if you are reading and you voted for him, HOW YOUUUU DOIN!, special shout out to Clay County KY who literally voted away their own got damn health care, well because FUCK gays, abortions, and YES guns and Trump *rolls eyes*. However, we wonder why they call America “REDNECKISTAN” overseas when I we travel. NO I bullshit you not, they literally said about us, “The Redneckistani’s are rebelling because they didn’t get their first female president aww”. Most American’s do not read and participate in foreign news boards or even read papers from other countries but if we did we would shape the hell up and quick!!!!! If we lived by the aged old saying of “what happens in this house stays in this house!” this damn country would run smoothly! But ooooooo no we have a bunch of huckleberries running things all the sudden *facepalm*. Someone please wake me up when Pence believes in evolution then maybe we can get these stone-ages ass-blasters into the next realm of reality and get shit accomplished! We have a country to run and a world to communicate with efficiently meanwhile he’s potentially building a tower in a country that citizens aren’t even allowed on our fucking soil! BLASPHEMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May everything he touch turn to shit! Nothing from that much evil turns good, nothing from that much usry turns to gold, constant reassurance leads to your shortcomings, his wish for long life means his fear of leaving this one….someones been a bad boyyyyyy tisk tisk.

At this point all I can say is, if someone dismisses it pretty fast we as the people may want to push for further investigation by the DOJ when it comes to our governmental leaders. If you watch as Homer combs through Trump head you will notices all the shit we’re about to relevantly lose, it’s not such a conspiracy anymore is it?

Lies that pull you in as fast as they dump you ass off….


You have just been TRUMPED…and while you sit in the dirt looking up at his golden tower marveling down on you while you can barely afford to feed yourself and your family, how wonderful does it feel to be subservient to this man? We can fun but truly, where is it safe from a man who’s motive is to terrorize innocent people who he either can’t buy or kill? you are a victim of his domestic policy or his foreign policy and this is what has made him that damn dangerous while no one realized it. Sigh….this is while I have been balled up like a lit firework in gun powder room! Yet no one seems to care around me no matter how much concern I seem to really have about this man being in office. Maybe it’s just my anxiety, PTSD, maybe its experiencing too much in my face racism to know what it is and how dangerous it is, maybe its experiencing racism with law enforcement to know what that feels like, maybe its feeling like every day I walk outside especially now I am a target! I am always on guard, I can not relax, I am never really calm, I hate even going outside and avoid it unless necessary. I was always a homebody but at least I would venture outdoors for nature, I do not even have interest in that anymore I am unable to. Everything is different for everyone I suppose and this is just how it is for me. Its annoying its enraging and its saddening all at the same time and here I am all jumbled with thoughts yet again at 3 am and change and this probably all makes no sense smh but oh well that’s what thoughts usually do.

I am just so tired of seeing the world in the condition it is, I really wish we could do better because we have so much more than us to worry about. 40 or 50 years from now we may not even have a planet if we keep treating it the way we do, people like Donald and his family are poison America please WAKE UPPPPPP!!!!!



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