Pro Bono Criminal Expungement Program Launched – Culture Magazine

Posted: November 23, 2016 in Advocacy, Cannabis laws, Changes, Civil rights, Document Change, Education, ID Changes, POC = People Of Color, politics, Power to all people, Racism, Rec MJ, update

So to bring so relief to the masses before the shit-fest surely gets underway I want to post this for those in legal rec states who may not be away as we fight our asses off! Please get your slates cleaned and pass this along to those you may know who will benefit from this!

A new cannabis non-profit recently launched a program that will help those who have committed non-violent crimes with expungement for cannabis arrests.

The group is known as PPG Foundation, and the program is called Clean Slate. The purpose of the program is to specifically help those who have not been convicted of violent crimes. It aims to put people back in the workforce if they have been running into trouble getting jobs.

“Project #CleanSlate is an expungement program for those convicted of non-violent marijuana offenses in states where it is now legal,” the website’s statement of purpose explains, next to the section where interested parties can apply to have their records reviewed. “It is the cornerstone of PPG Foundation’s efforts to decriminalize recreational cannabis use, and undo some of the harm caused by mass incarceration and the “War On Drugs.” #CleanSlate gives people a fresh start without the social stigma of a marijuana related conviction, at no cost to them.”

This service is especially important for many who might have had opportunities otherwise, except for one small mistake. Many academic institutions and financial aid providers will turn up their nose and prior drug convictions, even over one minor cannabis conviction. With a fresh start, jobs and education opportunities will be opened up for those dealing with getting turned down.

Of course, this is not a completely far-reaching system, as it only applies to states in which cannabis is now legal. That still means that plenty of people who have only ever been convicted of cannabis crimes in illegal states are still struggling to get basic jobs or get admitted into school. But as more states legalize with each election, and cannabis use becomes more accepted worldwide, programs like this will be able to help even more individuals clear their records.

expungement program

Keep on fighting, and don’t give in!



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