Hemp and Cannabis Now Legal in California 

Posted: November 23, 2016 in update

Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, and California are four more states to have fully legalized hemp and cannabis in 2016. With the passing of Prop. 64, Californians are now allowed up to six plants along with opportunity to petition and reduce jail-time sentences and the expungement of cannabis-related criminal records. 

The state has already planned how the millions in tax money will be distributed. With estimated taxes totaling $25 million in the first year, $2 million will be designated for Medical Cannabis Research, $10 million towards policy change, and $10 million directed to health departments and community-based non-profit organizations. 

As you may know, industrial hemp has the power to remediate soil and is an ideal crop to help California’s drought problems. 

“My next life goal it is to help the people of my state make the most out of this opportunity” says Wayne Richman. Wayne just recently launched California Hemp Association, an affiliate hemp association of NHA located in southern California. 

To connect with Wayne or to be a part of this chapter, check out the website here.


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