The election has brought real uncertainty and real fears for our community.
Many are worried and uncertain about the landscape for trans equality
moving forward. With so much uncertainty, many people are eager to quickly
obtain updated identity documents.

*Please register to join NCTE for a Community Call this Friday November
18th at 5pm Eastern / 2pm Pacific on Updating Identity Documents.

Our Director of Policy, Harper Jean Tobin, and State Policy Counsel, Arli
Christian, will discuss identity document concerns within the context of
the current political environment, review the typical name and gender
marker change process and highlight differences between state and federal
policies, point out additional resources for support, and answer general
questions and concerns from the community.

This call is free and open to transgender community members and allies.
Participants will receive call-in information and instructions upon
registration. Please note we are providing information and resources on
this call but are not able to provide legal advice for callers. We can
point you toward other resources for individualized legal advice. This call
is not for press purposes and is off the record.

*Please register here to receive call-in information via email.
<For info via mail>

so much, and we look forward to speaking with you this Friday.


Arli Christian
State Policy Counsel
National Center for Transgender Equality

Complacency IS NOT an option right now folks! Know your rights, get off your asses and get your yourselves protected! Take this posting and please do justice by passing it along to the next man and woman that you find. If you care then you will share that is just the compassionate thing to do in these times.



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