Officials report almost 5 million presidential election votes in California remain uncounted

Posted: November 12, 2016 in #Caleavefornia, #Calexit, #Trumped, Advocacy, Capitalism, Changes, Civil rights, democracy, Discrimination, Fascist, LGBT Hate Crimes, Pence, POC = People Of Color, Power to all people, Racism, Transgender, update

“Around 5 million votes are yet to be counted in California counties, in a presidential election that saw a surprise victory for Republican Donald Trump.

California, which carries 55 Electoral College votes, was won by Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 8 November election, along with fellow west coast states Oregon and Washington.

But 4.4 million votes are yet to be counted in California, the Secretary of State’s office told Fox 40, with this figure including 1 million provisional ballots and 3.1 million postal votes that were postmarked by election day.

However, these figures exclude San Diego country, where there are an additional 595,000 votes yet to be counted, the LA Times reported.

And if all of the estimated ballots are valid, voter turnout in the state will be around 74%, which exceeds the number of votes cast in California in the 2012 election, but does not quite match the state’s turnout in the 2008 election, in which Barack Obama was first elected president.

California has been won by a Democrat candidate in every election since 1992, and tends to be such a safe blue state that neither GOP nor Democrat candidates spend much time campaigning there.

Following the outcome of the election, there have been protests across the county, with some in the state calling for “Calexit”, given California’s size and difference in opinion between the state and the remainder of the country….”

What is Calexit? California wants to leave the US, read the full story here

Well looks like I am in the right state at the right moment in history. Now let’s see where this goes. It is just really sad that we have to go this far to protect the people this great Nation swore to protect, value, and serve with liberty and justice for all. Or is it just liberty and some justice for those privileged enough to afford it? The issues in this country and the world will not be solved until everyone is dealt with in a just and fair manner. We must end these travesties to humanity and maintain the security of all mankind. 

This coming adminstration is not just a threat to our lives in this country but take a look around the world folks. Outside of our pacified bubble in America there are serious concerns our allied Nations have with this man and even more concerning enemy Nations praising him. As some great ones said, “there is a disturbance in the force”, I’m well beyond knowing I’m not the only one who feels this.

The electoral college was set up to protect the people from a potentially dangerous President but for the second time in less than twenty years it has failed the american people! Please wake up, please take a stand, please do not sleep on this matter, we must shake this tree all the way down to its foundation even if it means dismantling it and renegotiation of its terms. But America is not for sale! And the worst mistake was made in the 80s when Reagan opened the door for Wall Street to run this country like a corporation. We closed a blind eye to the thief’s in our towers stealing our money, killing our people, stealing our land and homes, and rights to be who we are and love and live freely without fear because only God has the right to judge or take life. our only job on this earth is tolerance of one another so we must work together to eradicate these injustices because when we do not we all fail together! We need to take our country back people! There will be much open defiance in Congress and much faithless electoral votes.

Time to grab the anonymity masks!



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