Just wanted to update everyone on how I’ve been doing since I got my erectile device and so far everything has been going well. There have been a few set backs even though things have per say been “doable”.

So for those wondering , sex is pretty simple enough. A few pumps, when its done you can’t pump anymore, penis is extremely hard at this point. I’ve heard in the past comments made from other sources that the inflation in these devices weren’t as rigid as semi rigid devices I don’t see how that could be true, well at least not for all inflatable devices so much homework is to be done when picking the right device for oneself. Deflation is just as easy find the button in my sac at the top of the inflation bulb press and squeeze my dick a little and it goes down in seconds. Now, comes the fun stuff, somewhere during healing my left cylinder shifted down. So as the swelling has gone down I found out where it went its in my groin a little bit which sucks but doesn’t stop much. But the device isn’t compromised at all so he just he to flush, re dilate, and put it back in place so it can reset.

The second pain in my ass or should I say sac, is my pump in my left sac decided to ride itself allll the way up into this weird ass position that doesn’t make it comfortable to inflate or deflate. It felt like at one point the pump even did a 360 thing lol. I’m sure it was just me tripping out but it felt like it just figuring things out as I get used to how things feel. I do have a lot of pelvic soreness due to the fact the device is anchored to the pelvic bone which many forget about until it kicks in later. I find this is alleviated when I deflate but I definitely feel like I am bloated as all hell ugh.

Other than this I’m a pretty happy camper, letting my glans heal more before messing with my urethra or doing more glans detailing. As I wanted glansplasty last stage as I was sick of not having it and I wanted it last dang summer lol. I know the risk there is dealing with glansplasty and erectile devices at the same time so I’m being patient still. Hopefully this is the last stage of the erectile dysfunction chronicles and I can continue on with customizations so things are just the way I’d like so I can fully heal, rehabilitate, and get back into the gym. Feels like 50 years lol.

Surgery is the 22nd but until then I shall enjoy my birthday week!😎

Until after surgery in shaa Allah,



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