So things have been pretty uneventful since surgery. This has been a fairly easy recovery. Swelling was massive the first few days but that starts to go down. I’ve been icing my groin area on the left side as that’s what’s most sore. Overall my whole grains is sore but the left is the worst. That is where the tubing for the pump is laying says Chen so needless to say that area is pretty pissed off lol. Swelling in that area has gone down a bit though since surgery which is awesome. Having one side swollen is a pain I  the ass when trying to walk. I’m not allowed to bend, straddle anything like a bike, nor reach too far due to the abdominal incision I have on the right side where the reservoir is. Kinda weird as I feel it for now but that is due to swelling also. All the swelling should start to drastically improve after the 1 month mark so just have to be a bit patient and keep my is penis comfortable and elevated when I’m resting. When I move my penis in certain directions I feel where my cylinders are it’s kinda interesting. I know it’s due to the penis being so engorged but I really like the placement brings up room the right degree possibly higher if I pump up enough into the cylinders.

The pump itself is also in my left side of my scrotum which is cool as that side was a bit smaller so fits easily and will make it accessible. The pump and valve are no bigger than 1.5 inches and not a weird shape per say so still looks like a full sac.  I am not allowed to inflate the cylinders yet. Chen said he will show me how to use the pump during my next visit on the 29th. I’ve read a few brochures on my device and seems pretty easy enough. Another reason he is waiting to show me is due to the swelling which makes it extremely hard to find the pump and the release valve. And it is highly recommended to NOT inflate while swollen nor to inflate if you can not reach to release the fluid back into the reservoir. Sounds reasonable enough I know I’d hate to get stuck at attention lol. However, it can be alleviated pretty easily by a Dr nice ER visit and something interesting to talk about lol. I do also know that my device has a lifetime replacement warranty which I thought was dope. I didn’t notice that until after I read the fine print and it was a good find. I am really freaking excited to be able to use the pump. But even when I can I can not have sex for 8 weeks! My wife was not happy about that news at all but the answer was hilarious when she asked. He said “none for 7 more weeks then lots of lube and lots of fun”  me and her fell out laughing lol. Crane and Chen can be super comical at times lol. Speaking of Crane his birthday just passed and he so didn’t tell majority of us so if you see him tell him happy belated!

The only complaint I have is placement of the pump currently. It feels like it’s migrating however I know swelling is playing a part in the way things feel. And they have to “drop”  and fill out my sac a bit more so it can return to its normal hang. Also all the swelling initial swelling made it hella hard to pee but that’s gotten better as well. Oh oh oh, my glansplasty went perfecto! I only need him to retouch the right side bringing it further around. I know he couldn’t do that this time but during the last stage he’ll get that for me and possibly lift the ridge of the glans a bit more. I love the detail and the wife really loved the detail just asked could it be a bit higher for several reasons but I totally understand her needs/wants they are totally inline with my own so I don’t mind. Oh and my urethra needs it’s last stage from the 2nd stage buccal mucosa grafting. It’ll be great to see my urethra finished especially  with the nicely done glans.

Overall I’m satisfied so far and things are just going to continue to get better! Sensation also has gotten alot better especially around the glans and head which was super sensitive. Interesting how the mind and and the body remap themselves. I believe that’s been all that’s gone on since then.. Now just a few more weeks until I can put this bad boy to work 😁


  1. Adam says:

    Right on bro! I’m so happy! This is such an exciting time! Happy to hear my older bro getting taken care of right .. Haha I’m loving this holiday season 😃

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