Sooooo alot has gone on since I last updated. So what I’ll do is make a bullet list for you lol.

  • Had chest revision
  • Had 2nd stage of phalloplasty
  • Got a puppy, Bruce Wayne!
  • Got married (yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! )
  • Had 3rd stage of phalloplasty

So here we are now in December so I’ll start with the most recent event. Firstly Dr Chen is totally awesome I felt beyond comfortable, not nervous, and very well informed and he definitely listened to my concerns completely. He allowed for me to design my glans which was totally cool and made a deeper connection with my little guy as it made me feel like that was something uniquely done by myself.

The procedure took about 3 hours in that time he did the glans,testicle, and inflatable erectile device (I have the Coloplast Titan XL OTR). With my device I also received a “carrying card”  or patient ID. This is a card that has my personal medical information in it and allows for medical response personnel to be aware of what’s going on with my Johnson if I’m not conscious.

It reads: “to whom it may concern: in case of emergency, please be aware that I have a 3-piece Coloplast inflatable penile implant that contains metal. The implant is MRI  conditional. See opposite side for instructions” they add the customer service  number on there also which is neat.

On the reverse side there are instructions on deflating and inflating the device. As well as tells what the MRI conditions are:

*Static magnetic field of 3 Tesla or less

*Spatial gradient field of 720 Gauss/cm or less

*Max whole-body-averaged specification absorption rate (SAR) or 3W/kg for 15 minutes of scanning produced a temperature rise of less than 0.5°C

I’ve attached a photo of the front and back of the card instructions. I thought that would be useful for those wondering how this device works. I know it definitely is useful as my memory at times sucks so having a card with instructions on me at all times helps. I do have a reservoir in my abdominal area on the right hand side. This contains the fluid that fills the cylinders. I can say that is the part that’s hurting the most right now. Along with the fact there is also an incision there from the small graft taken to create the spacial difference between the shaft and the coronal arch. Only restricts me getting up out of bed, I have to take it very slow but my wife is a great help so everything is going fine. My penis is 3x the size it usually is so swelling is on full blast! Also makes my penis appear to be shorter lol the swollen mons pubis doesn’t help much either due to the implants being anchored to my pelvic bone. This reduces the risks of extrusions. Needless to say I can’t wait for the dang swelling to go down. However, the good thing is the scar I had from the base line is gone because he went in through the same incision excised the scar and resutured. I am to keep my penis supported securely when I am walking around and while laying down elevated. My wife refuses to let me out of the house so I’m stuck in the bed lmao. My other directions were in regards to my glansplasty, which was cut and dry; put antibacterial ointment on twice a day easy enough. I’m really really happy with how my glans look I do want to ask him to do another raising of the glans to make the head a little more protruded.

The urethra has to be done later which is ok because I can pee fine right now, aesthically it’s current position is an eye sore due to it being an inch lower than it should be. We’re going to do another stage in March which should take about an hour or so to center my urethra and bring it to the tip. I was kinda bummed at first but if something reduces my complication rates drastically I’m all for it! So that’s what we decided and so far so good. I started antibiotics 3 days before surgery so I should be good to go in that department. I can’t shower until tomorrow and I can’t submerge my penis in water for 6 weeks. On Thursday I’ll be seeing Dr Chen again and he will show me how to inflate and deflate. I’m excited to see everything once I heal fully things are going to look greattttt! Oh and even with all this swelling I still have sensation all over which was pretty surprising but no complaints. I do not have a catheter so peeing is a tad bit slower than norm but that’s to be expected with swelling and two new cavities being created by the cylinders. But definitely have no pee issues. Which I am very pleased with everything and it’s just getting better!

OK now that is out of my system on to the next thing. So I got married on Wednesday it will be a month for us. I’m really happy with my wife. Don’t get me wrong she gets on my damn nerves at times but the way she makes me feel and laugh is just truly the best! She’s ten million times supportive of my transition and who I am. She was there when I woke up from surgery and it was totally awesome to have someone there who lives me and showed tons of concern. So with my wife I gained another dog on top of my minion Bruce. So now it’s Bruce and Rocky and we are a family of 4 😁. Hopefully within the next year or two we’ll become a family of 5 or 6 were probe to have twins thanks to genetics so we shall see. It’s interesting though marriage doesn’t feel all that different at all. Just kinda a guarantee I’ll have someone in my corner I like that security actually. Just alot of love going on in my world and it’s making all the difference  in the world! A happy man means some good healing going on and that’s exactly what’s happening. And that means better results in the end.

Not to mention means we and the wife can reconnect sooner. Though I’m not rushing into sex I’m excited to see how everything works. I believe she’s dually excited to see lol. Oh and for those wondering sex is AMAZING! There are so many rumors and lies out there about the capabilites of phalloplasty but there mostly over exaggerated. My sensation is amazing and I feel everything. The warmth, the tightness, her contracting, and then some and the fact my first time post op was with the woman I married made it that much better and meaningful.

Well that’s about it nothing much more than that… So I’ll take my meds and take a nap. Groin area is percolating lol time for pain relief.



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