Devastating Update on Ky #AllShallBeEqual

Posted: June 11, 2015 in update

This is just crazy… I’m praying for you man.

Freeing Ky

TW: Attempted Suicide, Police abuse319503_10101220055880065_2011849430_n-640x531
I have been hesitant to give you all any updates until I was able to get some firm information.  As of right now, NO ONE has been able to talk to Ky directly, so everything that I am sharing is information that has been pieced together from other sources.
My last update was on June 3rd. I had spoken with Ky the evening before and he was in good spirits.  He is limited in communications from lock-down, so I wasn’t expecting to hear from him for a few days. On On June 5th, I received a private message from someone in Pulaski stating that Ky had overdosed on some medication *while he was in lock-down. Ky was taken from Pulaski to the nearest hospital where he was put on a ventilator and treated (possibly had his stomach pumped). By the time I got the…

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