Its been a few since I’ve made an update seeing as though I update the most in the Brownstein&Crane Yahoo Group so I forget at times to update here for those who are not within said group. I’m about two weeks shy of 8 months post op and I continue to just be impressed by this healing process. It’s so amazing to just wake up with all new feeling and sensation everyday. Anxiously awaiting July so that I can see what everything will look like finally. Because I have an image in my mind off what I want it to look like vs what the actual results will be. But I trust Crane 2000% so I am not at all worried. I’m really excited to have my urethra back at the tip as well not that I can’t pee anyway I choose now it’s just more for alignment with the proper anatomy I see to have. Oh we are also doing liposuction of the phallus, working to debulk the phallus slightly so my girth is an inch less which would make it perfect, plus I have to be mindful of the perspective erectile device I will be getting in December.

Forthose looking for major details please join the Brownstein&Crane Surgical Yahoo Group, the link is to the left of the page (if your using the mobile site scroll all the way down for the links)

Now to the fun stuff…

So yesterday 4/30/15, I had my first session of electrolysis post op. I used the same electrologist I had for my pre op sessions since I’m very comfortable with her and her technique has always been virtually painless. She also does ALOT of pre and post op transmen and women. (if you have KP in Bay area she works with KP in two locations SF: Dimitra’s skincare and spa in West Portal and San Rapheal: Jwskin ask for Jeannine)

I followed the same steps as pre op electrolysis but this time the lidocaine is a little but stronger but not much. I never know where she’s going to start so Thor got a fresh coat all over lol then I wrapped in plastic wrap. She always keeps some kind of numbing cream in her office which is a bit stronger so we used a bit of that in the area she planned on working on yesterday just to add a little safe coating since I can feel so much already. It was no where near as bad as I assumed. Just like pre op when she got closer to a nerve I could definitely tell. It kinda felt like she was poking me in the head of my old junk in certain spaces. I didn’t feel insertion like I did on my leg however the hair being pulled out of the follicle I felt alot of those which was a good and bad thing. Good because I know feeling is there but bad because I didn’t want to feel it lol. But a few moment so pain is beyond worth the lasting effects. I’m soooooooo much more happier already after the first session and we haven’t even done a full clearing yet. I asked how many more sessions and as I predicted that it’s still hard to predict due to the cycles every hair grows in. She did say that 50% of the hair she pulled was dead all the way to the root the other half was in the stage right before the last so they will grow but not long and very thin just like the ones she pulled that were dead.


I posted some photos in said Crane group and I’ll continue to keep up to date with the post op removal process. I plan to continue these electrolysis sessions until the end of the year and see what if anything further needs to be done. And if so then we will continue to clear but I think I’ll be good by then. Next session is next week now I’m excited instead of nervous as all shit as I did plan on recording some of it and sharing but couldn’t focus due to a probe going into my penis lmao. But I’m more than happy it’s getting taken care of now so there will be no issues later on. Totally worth the investment of time and pain in my honest opinion.

I also have this lovely chest revision coming up with Dr Tong. I wasn’t excited at first but the more I stand I  the mirror rearranging my chest and putting it in possible positions it could be in. I’ve noticed alot and seen that doing this will 1000% fix my contour. All this time I been busting my ass working out my upper body thinking I had no pectoral progress and fact is I did and lots but the skin was too loose so the way it should have shown through it totally did not. So 42 days until I get my brand spanking new chest. And just in time room as I’m just now start g to really grow chest hair lol. I’m just waiting now to see if I need a post op binder or if they will be giving me one. Other than that I’m ready and rearing to go! I may post those photos here not too sure yet. I also might start a Kaiser Yahoo Group since there are so freaking many of us out there getting surgery. It would be great to talk to other members and help others figure out the approval process without walking I  blindly.

Until next time



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