Help Bring Kyle Home!

Posted: January 20, 2015 in update

I am posting this in efforts to help this young man lift his spirits through this troublesome situation. For those that may want to help or just send Ky some kind words there is contact information within the blog. As I totally understand how it is to be locked up with no love and support. Kyle is a 25 year old Black Trans male in a Georgia State  Women’s  Prison who has already lost years of his life seeking nothing more than justice and his rightful freedom. If any of you followed the CC  McDonald case this is something very similar with much less press. However this is something that transmen and women deal with everyday in silence for the most part. As you read his story you will understand just how problematic things are for Trans individuals in the legal system.

Below is a statement from Kyle’s girlfriend who has been by his side this entire time.

” Hello every one, I’m Pinky, and this is my boyfriend Ky. I’m posting for him because he is currently serving time in a Ga women’s prison for Involuntary Manslaughter. See, Ky was attack and assaulted, and in defending himself, he killed his attacker. He now suffers daily abuse as a black trans man stuck in the south Ga. legal system.  I am on a mission to spread the word about the abuse of trans inmates and the injustices they suffer by spreading his story.  I have recently started filming our video visits and adding them to his blog. Please check us out. be blessed~ Pinky”

This is the website please subscribe and forward to everyone you can that may help!

Thank you all in advance

Jazakallahu khairain


We fought to get CC home, please do not let Kyle go unheard and unnoticed.  He fought for his life once alone,  please let’s not leave him to fight alone  again.


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