So after 3 weeks of usage  I can finally fully praise medihoney  for its healing properties. As of today, 2 days shy of a month my fistula is officially closed! I went to shower and hadn’t taken a picture in two days since the Dr on hand that I have checked it out for me and said it looked closed. So I took a picture and seen the coloration was back to my normal  skin tone!

So I took a bit of tissue and decided to see if I was correct in my thinking and sure enough I went pee and the tissue was completely bone dry! I definitely  busted out on my happy dance as I totally took something that heals slowly on its own if at all and closed it in 3 weeks time with honey! This is just phenomenonal to me in soooooooo many ways. 

Since the skin is still pretty tender I place a 2×2 gauze and non-adhesive band-aid over just to keep it extra dry.  And at night I’m going to put a thin strip of medihoney on my incision  under my penis as I monitored the area that was closest to the fistula,  that area is almost totally flat. So with that thought I know this stuff is anti-inflammatory as well so I want to continue to see what benefits  it serves. On the 10th of December I will be starting scar management and getting bio oil and things of that nature. I wanted to wait until month three to allow my bodies natural healing process to take place. Once that happens then I like to add assistance to the process. As my thigh without scar treatments looks amazing tired less than 3 months.  Many people  tell me I look closer to a year post op when they see just my thigh. This is great already! 

I’m just leaving my Dr’s office at Kaiser and really feel great today.  It has been an all around awesome day  and it’s not even noon! I can’t wait for the next few  weeks to come along as the blessing are just rolling in by the dozens! 

Oh and before I forget… There is a new group for those interested in surgical procedures with Brownstein&Crane Surgical services that I was asked to start by Dr  Crane to help connect old patients to new patients and get some truthful information out there about his practice for the guys that need it the most. So if you are pre op and certainly set on Dr Crane, Dr Satterwhite, or Dr Chen please feel free to join  and add to the discussions. If you are post op with the Dr’s mentioned by all means join the conversation and share your experiences. As there are many events around the bay area that many across the country aren’t aware.  This group will be a place I post events where the Dr’s will be such as forums, insurance workshops, surgery workshops, conferences, and much more where free consults maybe available.

Please keep in mind this is a FTM only space AND only for those specifically going to Brownstein&Crane Surgical Services. This group is monitored to keep the privacy of those members who have decided to share results and stories.  So upon joining you will recieve a questionnaire please fill this out and get it back asap. 

I’ll post this in the links to the left hand side as well and the group is on all pre op and post op documents in Cranes office as well if you forget or just ask the staff they know it 🙂

Until then… 



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