Here we are 13 days after the initial  start of the fistula. I had heard so many stories of men having had phalloplasty and fistulas occurring and not closing and being the for months sometimes even years.  Same for metoidioplasty as well, which lucky for me I did not have to fair that issue during my meta. However there were those slim number of guys who did have the fistula self heal yet no one specifically ever mention what was done differently in these cases. Thanks to the research I did purely on hunch I think I have solve a very large issue in phallic healing and not just for fistulas but also many other things.  Like slow healing wounds on the phallus, scrotum perineum,  graft and donor sites, and he’ll anything else open wounded. I even suspect it will be a useful component in chest surgery and I’ll be experimenting when I have this revision.

But in 13 days time I have successfully healed over the fistula using purely medihoney  and wound changing twice a day! The fistula went from a large hole to now all healed in and a slight indentation that leaks very minimal  fluid.  I watched and measured the flow of my urine from the fistula and urethra. I can go 12 hours without changing the dressing with urinating numerous times and the dressing will be dry or barely saturated. When the fistula  first started the gauze would be soaked after urinating twice so I was changing dressings at least 10 times in 12 hours. I suspect with continuing usage that I will be able to have no opening at all leaking anything by the end of the month. By 3 months out I will be back to one exit for my urine!

So if you are one struggling with a fistula or any kind of necrosis or slow healing open wound I totally recommend medihoney.  It comes in sheets like xeroform, a gel form which is what I have been using, it also comes in a thicker paste. There is regular medihoney, one that contain calcium alginate, and there is a version exclusively for deep wounds called wound filler.  So for those that may have a serious defect due to necrosis that would be prime for you to use most definitely. It’s fairly inexpensive compared  to the benefits of the product at hand. Dr.  Crane had not even heard of medihoney before I started this experiment but now he is using it on everyone. Im glad to be able to bring something new and useful to the practice to allow those that follow me a better healing chance. Especially  those that fire complications this stuff makes all the difference. I’m totally interested in how the medihoney sheets will heal the donor sites vs xeroform.  I’m going to have to research a bit more and see. One of my buddies used this for his forearm phallo and it’s healed him greatly!

As Crane said, a good Dr  learns the most from his patients.  And even though I  past the initial stage I still plan to help and him learn as I heal and continue my research. So happy that this will aid in successful healing for so many others. I’m also going to be experimenting with old scars and how it works  as medihoney  also is a natural anti-inflammatory agent.  I swear this stuff does soooo many things, like the multi-purpose cleaner of the body lol.

I will continue to update on the progress of this research project of mine. I also plan to put together that montage of fistula  photos so I can out a little more proof in the pudding per say.

But until next time,


  1. Antony says:

    Hey, men. Could ypu share of you used medihomey wound gel or
    Dressing gel? I am having troubles with fistulas (6 surgeries and always fístula reopening at the same spot).
    Thanks for the info.

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