Damn time is just flying right on by! Feels like just yesterday I was waking up from surgery and now I’m swinging freely. It’s just amazing how different  everything looks already as the skin heals over and pigmentation change. It’s like what once was is just distant memories. Overall I’m as fit as a fiddle and counting down already for June to get here! I’m totally ready and amped about getting the next stage done.  I have been doing my research and have some customizations in mind can’t wait to talk to crane about it.

Recapping  the last week, I seen Dr  Anooshian on Thursday and showed him everything. He asked about the hair left on the penis and being a polite  smart ass I said

“well this is what happens when we’re only approved for ten electrolysis  sessions before surgery”

From that he visually and physically now understands that 10 sessions is not enough to prepare us for surgery and even if there is a full clear it may grow back another cycle there after.  So I should be getting word on more electrolysis approval  for post op! Cool now I don’t have to pay for post op either and my electrologist is well aware I’m coming back to here for sure!

We also discussed scar  care,  and he’s never really done much scar care for phalloplasty it’s clearly obvious so it’s just touch and go on that one.  We are going to try this stuff called mepipore. Only around the edges of the graft as they are slightly raised. And see what that does.  I’m about a month out from starting bio oil regimen  I’m excited about that most definitely as I already know what that stuff does to my skin! But I’ll use this scar mepipore stuff til January and see what’s what and then schedule to see anooshian again. I’m still waiting on him to reschedule my freaking chest revision so that date is pending but when it hit totally ready for it.  At this time I don’t do much to my penis but hold it to pee and change the dressing over the fistula twice a day. So it would be perfect timing if he would put me in for now or December.  I want this out the way before my birthday as I’m totally  going to San Diego this year or maybe Vegas  but I don’t gamble I’d just be there getting fat and watching shows lol. But we shall see what all Dr  Anooshian has in store but I’ll update on that later.

The next day I went and seen Dr  Crane and over the course of the two weeks I haven’t seen him the fistula  happened,  cath came out, and fistula disappeared lol. I got in the office and he’s like “man that medihoney stuff is awesome never seen anything like it but you healed yourself that fast!”… Lol hell yea I didn’t want a surgical intervention  and wanted to bring something holistic to the practice and sure enough  did.  He’s using it on everyone now I’m trying to get him to keep it on stock but if your reading this and want to just stock up before tour procedure,  healthykin.com it’s pretty cheap there or you can Google it and try finding it cheaper. There is also another one made by Medline called therahoney it’s 100% manuka so if you want to try that that’s an option as well.

He checked me over and gave me the clean bill of health.  We will revise  the inches of scrotum that separated  which causes no functionality issues nor aesthetic  for that matter I’m the only one that knows it’s split by pics you can’t tell at all.  Just looks like I have an empty big ass ball sac lol.  I just love that he does the advanced scrotalplasty I wish more surgeons would go back for more training to learn better techniques. I mean sheesh Crane is open to training anyone who is willing to learn. We are also going to customize my glansplasty, that’s the part I’m most excited about as there has been only one other glansplasty I’ve ever seen similar to what I want and crane did that one as well.  And he’s going to be liposcuplting the penis to bring it down  circumference wise to about 6 around 5.5 at the least as current  measurements are 7.5 inches long, 3.5 inches in width (across the top), and 8 inches around. So being this thick right now is going to serve useful as hell as my glans are going to stay a wider  size as he slims my shaft also another sure proven way to keep glans from ever flattening out.  I’m already noticing  that my shaft is getting longer with less swelling  so I’ll totally be closer to 8 when it’s all done and said. Soooooooo glad I chose  ALT, even Crane and Safa  said for my list of wants forearm would have not been sufficient  by any means for me and I wholly agree with that. Everything is not for everyone as they say and people are starting to noticed the golden standard isn’t really what they say and other options can prove and suit better for peoples individual wants and needs. Over the next two months I should lose alot more swelling and see some relative size closer to what my penis girth will be at final healing.

After meeting with Crane I met up with my buddy and went to Santa Rosa. It was good to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city and into wine country with trees and grapes everywhere lol. I also met up with a old buddy of mine known him years and finally meeting him, Kamari many know him by lyrical aka Mr YouTube star lol.  He’s just big bro to me always has been always will be. But I enjoyed that time and during healing just being around good people with good vibes is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Ooooo but everyone has been asking

“What about sensation?”

I’m going to write the next blog solely on that subject because at 2 months I can officially say all that hear say shit about sensation next time someone says it to you punch them directly in the mouth lol.

Stay tuned…



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