Well the pissing chronicles have been dually rewarding and haphazard all at the same time. I’m happy to finally be tube free after a severely bladder infection that was causing all kinds of havoc and also possibly the culprit  to the fistula after some further research on that subject.  The catheter  that was placed during my revision on the 15th of October was removed today without too much fuss.  It was definitely nasty smelling and was time for it to go. But backing up a few days to go over what has been going on.

So I began my experimentation with medihoney  as I experienced one unwanted guest aka my fistula. In just about 5 days it has definitely  visibly been healing with the use of honey.  It is to the point of almost closure. I give it another 2 weeks tops and it should be completely closed over.  It’s to the point  now it is blockable; meaning small enough where I can easily cover it and all the urine but a few drops goes directly out of the urethral tip as its supposed  to do.  So very happy about this and many fistulas require surgical intervention or take months to heal. I was not set for either and glad I sought other options. But having the catheter an extra week definite aided in its faster healing on top of that no matter how much havoc that thing caused. So I will continue with the usage of medihoney at night before bed.  Since I am now urinating on my own putting it on during the day is a waste as the hole is moistened so I used special non adherent dressing with a water proof non adhesive self sticking band-aid then over that this special cloth tape stuff that is really a pain in my ass but it stays pretty dry. And at night I use the medihoney gel just literally a dab over the fistula and cover with dry gauze and medical tape taking advantage of not having that much sensation in that area lol. It seems like each morning I wake up in has decreased  in size. Maybe after I do some cropping I can do a comparison photo shot for the blog when it is totally healed over.

Oh but on to the more exciting part said with all the sarcasm in the world lol. So when I started to capp fully everything went good the very first pee.  I did have an issue due to the bladder infection if made me feel like I had a UTI  so it felt like I still had to pee even after I peed and I had to pee all the time. I hate those feelings they are the most annoying ever. But after that first pee all hell broke loose and my bladder decided that it wanted to have no control, I went through so many underwear until I finally said to hell with it and grabbed some disposable briefs.  Felt kinda embarrassing wearing like an adult pull up but oh well it helped a shit ton when I couldn’t make it to the bathroom  my clothes stayed dry. I feel like surgery has brought on the real effects of what my birth as natal male would have been like diapers and all lmao. The things no one mentions during phallo recovery I know I’m not the only one that’s gone through this issue I’m just the first that’s not embraced to speak about it. I really forgot what having a catheter  for 8 weeks was liable  to do to the bladder sheesh it turned into a small lazy bum.  I drank water and it came right the hell out lol.  Today was a bit better after the catheter came out though Crane basically hinted at that’s why some of that pain I was feeling while peeing was going on as the bladder though capped was still pushing out into two sources. I now don’t have that urgent feeling all the time but I’ve limited what I intake and like every hour  to hour and half I kinda just go in the bathroom and hang out for a second to see what’s what.  And I practice  holding the muscles it takes to stop and start  peeing. Trying to strengthen those muscles back up so things can get back to normal. I’ve actually gone a few hours now without even having the urge which is awesome so as the week goes on I suspect it’ll be normal by  the time I get to see Dr Crane on Friday.

I also have to see Dr Anooshian Thursday  to follow up on some scar care management  for my donor thigh.  And also see about getting these pecs fixed. I was supposed to actually be in the OR  tomorrow but we had to move things around due to the unforeseen events of my phallo. But it all worked out for the best in the end of things. I can’t wait to just get this all don’t and over with as this will most likely happen this month or next month.  Then I heal all the way until June then last stage of phallo.  Which I can say won’t be the final stage as my implants may have to wait until he refuses the very tip of my scrotum the top healed together and about an inch of the bottom didn’t lol.  Weird body mechanics  of mine I suppose. Such is life in the life I lead. I am still opposed to erectile device  at this point I’m totally redid enough if I wanted to have sex right now but I’m waiting until I’m fully healed to explore that realm.

I am getting alot more sensation back then I expect already  so I’m just waiting as the days pass by and my 2 month post op mark approaches how much more exciting  sensation changes  happen. I do a sensation test every few days just to see what’s different  it’s definitely cool to see things as they heal and changed I can only imagine what my penis will look like a year from now.  This whole process it truly amazing and I’m totally glad I went through and followed my first mind on this totally.

Well the Giants won the world series and I decided to take my half coupled self outside in the rain with a hoodies on so the aftermath of that is I have a mean case of the sniffles. With that being said I’ll end this here and take myself to bed early.

Until next time…


  1. Adam says:

    Hi Sir,

    Congratulations on your progress and milestones you’ve come through. I’m walking a similar path. I know we are strangers but we are brothers together through this journey. I’m almost positive we’ve had contact on other supporting websites and instant messages but it’s been a few years. I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask, I am also in the area and I would like to meet you. How would you feel about having a visitor? Is that appropriate at this stage?

    Keep doing what you do and keep us I formed! We are lucky and privileged to have you share with us your amazing journey.

    Much respect,


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