Short post to mark history.  3 voids after ( yea I had to pee alot lmao)  being allowed to cap and at day 42 I am proud  to say all lights are green.  There is no leakage from any sites below.  I am voiding about 50% on my own have to work on getting it more to 75% but none the less one step closer  to getting this damn thing out.

The entire experience of standing there finally with your wang  in hand and finally freely pissing is the best.  I just stood there in awwe and had a wonderful smile on my face. It’s just another sign of relieve and a pat of appreciation for all I’ve been through thus  far. But I can not wait for more healing to happen so things are less heavy and more second nature.

At this stage the worst part  is things are waking up all over so every damn thing itches! Omg I just wanna scratch so badly but I know I can’t. From my graft sites to my ball sac it’s just itchiness to last for days. I’m getting some benadryl in the morning this is ridiculous. And I have noticed the wonderful shooting groin pains aka the junk is waking up more and more.  I totally can tell when my penis is bent the wrong way and I have to adjust it. More and more sensation creeps in everyday and it’s exciting and challenging.  Because what didn’t hurt before now is starting to become achy and alert.. Yay me not really lol. 2 more weeks with this catheter though so one less achy thing smh.

But the adventure continues  for now I’m going to sleep.  Meds are kicking my ass and I’m not fighting back lol.

Until next time…



  1. Kris says:

    Congrats! I’ve been following your progress, good to hear you are getting better. Had surgery with Crane last week and am beginning to recover. Can’t wait to hold my wang and pee! Best wishes for a rapid recovery, my friend.

    • Sir Vertigo says:

      Happy recovery to you as well and congratulations! It’s been an interesting journey so far for me but it’ll all come together soon enough. Feel free to keep in contact I’ll shoot you an email now

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