My new best friend is this stuff here.  Totally natural ingredients but works wonders on my donor graft and skin graft. All that’s in this is purified water, petroleum, mineral oil, ceresin wax, wool wax alcohol, and potassium sorbate… Totally natural. It has anti-itch properties as well as super perpetrate even the driest of skins.  Seeing as though skin graft are not like normal skin (dry out super fast) you have to consistently keep moisture on them. That’s why I still have my leg wrapped even though al the open areas have been closed for the longest. It’s like locking in moisture. Not to mention my edges of my graft was starting to raise and since using this they have flattened down. I need to find something natural to take  for inflammation they’ll help with my knee and upper thigh. Hell might even help with my penis.  But I’ve just kinda been wrapping him due to the wound healing.

My appt with crane went pretty damn well as usual. I unwrapped the peen and the self esteem skyrocketed as usual.  He always gasses my head up lol. But he said I can go pee starting today it’s going to be messy as hell all over again but just go and start clearing the gook  out of the urethra.  This is perfect timing as I’m totally tired of fighting holding my pee when I’m on the commode.  It’s just a natural thing that ima have to work out… Dick in the bowl or pee first then take a duece? Ugh man issues  lol. He said everything looks perfect and healthy. Which is something since last week I have really worried about after having any form of necrotic tissue develop it’ll keep you on edge. But it is beautiful looking and everything smells wonderful. He said it was so damn clean he could eat food off of it ctfu. I don’t know about all that but just let’s me know I’m keeping things super duper clean and that’s what I like to hear. I showed him the new stuff I’m putting on my leg and he loves it so much he asked for information on it.  I was starting to keloid not no more.  So grateful for this stuff so I’m sharing of course  it’s called absorbase.  Google it and it’ll come up in Google shopping. Stuff is better and cheaper than any Eucerin or aquaphor  or any thing else

Total going well means… DRUM ROLL… No second surgery just the last stage in June! That’s dope and totally means I can knock  out alot that I want to get done. And boom someone may have just scored a job on the low and wasn’t even applying for jobs lol. I guess having applications on file works well too. Perfect kind of job as I’ll be allowed to sit and rest majority of my shift!

Allahu Akbar! I can’t wait to see what else the year has in store.  Just one good thing after another!


Until next time




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