The importance of moisturiser on the graft site…. SUPER  IMPORTANT!  Keeping the leg properly lubricated decreases scaring and increases the likelihood of the skin healing in a more smooth looking pattern. To me my leg looks like I’m 6 months post op,  super duper awesome healing. Time is just flying by before I know it I’ll be two months post op!  Seems crazy how fast the days flew by. But I can totally say I’m way happier than I was 41 days ago.  I measured just to see my swollen girth at this point,  holy hell I need this to continue to subside 8.5 inches in girth is massive!! Seriously I understand why I felt so weighted down but a few weeks ago it was even larger so I’m on the right track now. Just crazy how much swelling can go on during this procedure and it just disappears right before your eyes and you barely realize until things just aren’t as heavy as they seem. I should go down another 2 inches or so then during stage two I’ll have some liposcuplting done to increase the diameter of my glans and also to decrease the shaft slightly to make the glans more prominent. So exciting to be thinking  about that being next, the final stage to everything! Almost under 200 days  to go but no rushing just cruising.

Another thing I’ve noticed is increase in body and facial hair in the last 41 days.  I’m not sure if that’s just a coincidence of the cycle of my hair and the time I’ve been on T and me getting older but it’s interesting. I’ve noticed my leg hair has gotten  double the length  it was and that’s all over my leg.  Due to me having a split thickness skin graft I won’t grow hair in that area but all around that area even where I had previously had electrolysis done the hair is double and thicker! Quite interesting indeed, I can’t wait to see what else develops over time. And I have been off T for a while due to me just not taking  it not being in the mood to stick myself on top of healing lol.  Such is life a month really didn’t hurt me too much. But I wonder if what they say is truthful, that testosterone allows you to heal faster. Hmm we shall see  now that I’m back on hopefully I will be able to talk to my Dr. soon about a longer lasting T.  But I’ll make another post about that in the future.

I see Dr  Crane tomorrow so we shall see what the verdict is.  I still have this catheter in and praying that it comes out in another 2 weeks but we shall see. I want it out however I want my urethra  right as well. He will have to go back in June and revise the urethra but the revision  he did last week actually reshaped the head and made it more appealing to me so that was kinda an accidental cool point. So we shall see in two weeks what peeing is like after that revision, it all works just have to get it to the right hole. All other small openings that I did have are all closed up now and even though they are closed I still totally use gauze to cover everything still.  Better safe than sorry especially with it being hot in San Francisco so it’s also grabbing all the sweat as well. Gauze changes have become second nature but I’m down to twice a day now which is awesome! And I can get everything done within 30 mins, an hour if I’m being thorough and taking tons of pics lol.

I’m actually due for a redressing of Thor so I’ll end this here and finishing watching the world series while I reapply my bandages.




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