Damn time flies when your paying no attention! Soon I’ll be a year and not even realize.  It’s so crazy that this time last year I was hoping praying and wishing that I would be at this point and now look at me!

I think the hardest  thing to adjust to is the weight of the phallus when it was in severely swollen mode. Now that alot of that is subsiding it’s becoming alot easier to manage and wear down.  I’ve found myself now wearing two pair of underwear. One used to support the padding that I have around my scrotum which are usually too small to hold Thor in.  So I pull  him through the flyer him hang down and put on boxer briefs. Definitely fixes the issue and makes me wayyyy less vulgar than a towel in my undies for support. Some things definitely  are taking some getting used to but for the most part I’m settled in right at home with no issues. It’s become totally normal for me to sleep with my penis damn near straight up in the air lol.  Elevation is still on the agenda. Kind of wish that it was like top surgery and I could just put on a post op binder (speaking of which I need to be buying another one for this revision).

One word from the wise in regards to this entire procedure… Stool softeners are your best friends! My life had turned to hell on wheels  due to Norco and no stool softeners.  That was the source of my late night ER visit and that was soooooooo not fun. So warning those going to lower surgery but any other surgery keep them stool softeners handy and make sure they are at least 250mg  taken twice a day!

But really what today signifies is 257 more days until stage 2! I can not wait to see my glans.  Due to the anti one sac scrum I have lol my testicles  may have to wait until Dec with the erectile device because I want everything properly  healed over.  And my sac just refused during this stage to stay as one due to its 4 years as two separate testicles that formed very noticeable capsules.  That’s why it totally all looks like I have balls in an empty sac.  I’m going to see if he can use stronger suture that dissolves at a slower ratio because I literally healed faster then my sutures were expected as well as the surgeons.

I was a little nervous  about this weds procedure because I will be awake butttttt if it goes south  and I start freaking out all they have to do is put me to sleep not that hard lol. But basically he will be scraping the dead tissue (necrosis) from the tip of the phallus (I do not lose and first or length it’s like peeling a scab) debridging  any unhealthy tissue from the healthy tissue.  And then carefully resuturing the tissue to encourage it to heal back together as it once was. This will allow me to fully use my urethra as it totally works the only leak was the one at that hole site. Only downside is I’m held captive by this wonderful  suprapubic catheter for another 3 weeks but that’s an even trade off  I suppose.

I just love how crane is so attentive.  He said normally he would make people wait 6 months for a repair but in my case and specific  healing situation he feels it’s beyond safe to do so. I didn’t swell as long as others he said a good 70% of my major swelling has already subsided and he’s not to  far off about that as I can totally tell the difference when he hangs.  When I was overly swollen felt like I was carrying around  a thirty pound dick lol. Now it feels about 2-5 pounds.  So the weight is still getting its bearings but definitely  more confident as the base sutures are totally healed over!  It’s so amazing how fast I heal like truly.

Mobility is improving I can walk alot further unassisted but I do have a wheelchair at the respite I’m in just for those days I don’t feel like walking or I can take it with me just in case I get tired and need to sit. I’m going to graduate to a cane stool soon.  My left leg is decent no issues besides being dark pink turning brown. Tight leg kinda stiff but with them staples gone it’s soooooooo much easier to walk.  Just have to be careful to bend the knee then my leg gets a little shaky. Other than that I should be back to normal  within the next two three weeks or so.

But over all I LOVE  my new best friend and I’m having so many missed moments with him already. Finally seeing what my underwear should look like what I stand sit and lay… Packers did nooooo justice but this was perfect.  I always found the Packers to be too skinny for what I desired.  I always wanted and knew I was supposed to have a thicker penis of decent length.  And now that’s exactly what I have! I’ll eventually  post here and there but the most pics will be seen in a book I’ll be publishing next…. My post may get a bit spread out however my pictures won’t be I take them every day along with video and the few I have entrusted so far have gotten  live access already. I definitely  appreciate the positive feedback 🙂

Other then that you might get lucky and see something on Fetlife  if your lucky enough to know how to find my page and I add you as a friend lol 😉

But I’m chilling until then!




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