Pitching a tent by Dr’s orders lol.  Elevation is the key to swelling reduction. As well adding some serious reduction of swelling due to an up coming minor procedure. At this rate my phallus keeps all correct body temperature as it should aka blood flow is going great! I’m very happy and seen Crane yesterday to assess a fistula that turned into a larger opening.  Looks gnarly and happened due to some excessive swelling, slothy tissue, a bit of fatty tissue necrosis, and my skin healing faster then the sutures were ready for. It’s about an half inch wide and maybe inch long if that. It’s healing into itself as he said it would however due to my other good healing he’s going to close it up some and remove the rest of the necrotic tissue that remains which is just a small patch nothing that will effect the life or blood flow of the phallus. This will happen next weds at my post op appt. Since I have not regained all sensation he will not be putting me to sleep, this is going to be totally interesting to see. Especially due to me getting a catheter swap during this procedure. But I totally don’t know what that’s going to feel like but we shall find out.

After the hole is closed things should heal as they should’ve previously. Only down side to this is I now have to wait another 3 weeks to pee after he’s been letting me pee, grrrrrr. But it’s totally all in good favor and I trust Crane 10000%. I’m more excited though about next June and seeing my phallus complete.  From the top side point of view he’s amazing! Crane is a pure artist in the aspects of penile creation.  I told him what I wanted and he gave  me exactly that spot on. Still til this day I can’t thank him enough for making me this happy. Even though the minor set backs he’s always there keeping me focused on the long run with my better interest at heart. He’s definitely as close as it would get to the perfect Dr. Many others can surely learn from him and his bedside manner and just how he is a genuinely good person inside and outside his office.

I keep getting questions about erectile device… At this point I’m still not sure what I want to do about that.  There are so many options and seeing as though my penis is pretty thick I don’t necessarily need one.  But there are times and situations I have already thought about that it wouldn’t hurt to have such. But I have said and meant it 100% that if I do decide  on the device it will be the very last surgery and after a year of having my urethra fully working with no issues at all. Do basically if I get it it will not happen until January 2016.  To give me time to see how I feel with out it by then I’ll be post all stages and it also allows my freshly don’t gland in June to have time to heal without excessive pressure on the area. This also allows more time for more erectile devices to be placed.

I am thinking about how I want my glans to be shaped.  I want to have examples that I can bring to him the day of surgery or before then as we speak frequently. It’s just so many examples  to go through as he is very open to ideas and tries to tailor to your wants.  This is why not one penis he makes is exactly the same and I love that about his work. I do know with my glans he going to do liposculpting and that will give it the extra mile I need as reducing the shaft slightly will make the head extremely prominent like I want and that’s on top of him making it very tight around the head and detailed at the bottom so it’s not just one circle around the phallus. Him doing things like this counts for why the glansplasty he does is awesome and doesn’t flatten out as he recognized that is one of the chief  complaints many men have had when they heal over the years. This is one reason I totally was down for having the glansplasty in another stage as it allows time for everything to heal and it allows for him to take more detailed time when making the glans and things are alot less swollen so makes it more manageable.

So many decisions!

It’s cool I’ll figure it out in time but until then…




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