My legs are looking better wayyyy better especially my donor thigh. So much easier to move my dang donor leg without all them freaking staples in me. My left aka graft leg was easy to love after the dang xeroform came off.  Now it’s just like sun burn even  too warm water burns that side so I have to be careful.  I just need the swelling to continue to subside. It’s going to heal over pretty dang well it doesn’t look like it’s only been only 3 weeks and some change.

Went pee and of course there was a detour so waiting a bit longer to pee and heal up. Didn’t burn or anything just felt a little funny but went every dang where due to the hole aka fistula that’s healing  grrr. It’s going to be one of those that close completely by itself without surgery it’s just hella  annoying at the moment. It however  doesn’t impede anything just means we have to slow healing some as I’m healing too fast for my body to keep up, go figure being half wolverine turns on me for once in my life lol. Crane said to take a week and then to try peeing again, I think I’m going to give it longer and let my body do its healing thing. Washing with dial GOLD antibacterial soap, hibiclens, applying triple antibiotic ointment and keeping everything covered is the way to go. Two to three weeks from now everything should be healed over. Can’t wait to see everything then. Taking pictures everyday had been awesome I think I’m going to run out of space soon and have to purchase more lmao.  But it will be a great time line if healing when I reach my year mark.  Seems far away but hell 25 days passed  like it was nothing.

I tend to get a bit impatient  with my healing so have to totally remind myself it has not even been a freaking month and I’m freaking over small stuff.  So if weird things happen it’s kinda normal and totally expected  at this stage, now if it was like 6 months from now then there would be a huge issue.  On a scale of 0-10  of seriousness of what’s going on its about a 2 and only a 2 because I have an actual open wound that is healing from the inside out. Doesn’t hurt at all just looks weird and icky. But proper hygiene, prayer, and patience have been keeping me together. Oh not to mention gummy bears ctfu. Haribo always comes to my rescue. But I’m going to go back to Bob’s burgers and finish my dinner…

Until later…



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