Day 11

Posted: September 21, 2014 in update

So now we are up to speed.  Let’s dive into some fun…

This morning was a bitch on wheels the overnight nurse who I normally never see but once did not read the note in my chart that stated wake me up for meds.  So needless to say pain did the waking up and that was not cool at all. My call button  didn’t work right so I cried for a good min before someone heard me and got the nurse.  I’m at the end of the hall and my door was closed and when your in that much pain screaming for assistance is very hard to do. So they  finally came and got me all situated and changed and back in bed. Medicated me and I was out like a light until about 9. Wellness management came in with my day nurse and brought me a nice heating pad  gotta keep Thor warm :D.  And she put in an order to have this damn call button fixed as I did press it 5 times and no one got a page which sucks could have saved me alot of torment this morning. But nonetheless they are on it and fixing it. But they came in to do morning wound care and today I got soap and water! No more gentle wipes  I’m graduating to real soap and water, still gentle soap.  I have this stuff called “Pears”. It’s handmade natural soap so very good for sensitive skin. But they made sure every ounce of dead skin and blood was off of me and they dried me very well. And neosporined everything which felt very very soothing. We clipped a but more of the peeling skin graft  and everything around it got a nice neosporin coating as well. Due to me being in so much pain this morning they wanted me to rest most the morning  so all this happened in the bed which was ok I didn’t mind really at all just feeling clean was well over due. Wipes just don’t do as much justice.

Butttttt after I got all clean I finally got to wear real draws! And the first pair are perfect fitting and support pretty well but of course  with fresh sutures it’s still needing a little more support. I’ll write a full review on the underwear choices I have gotten since we’ll endowed men need more support than usual. But these that I have on are Jockey climicool 9 inch briefs.  So they come down my thighs to cover.  And lucky me when I do wear shorts I was never an above the knee guy even in the gym.  I wear him down my left thigh which is how I’ve packed for the last 12 years so naturally  I’m totally comfortable with him there. Feels like I had him 26 years already lol.  I’m totally glad he’s the size I’m used to packing with well only half inch smaller but that’s what I wanted anyway just half inch less, anything smaller would’ve probably depressed me a bit but of course Crane seen it was safe to do so he gave me exactly what I wanted,  love that dude he’s awesome! I am mad that my undies fit every where perfectly except my waist lmao. It’s ok, I have weight to gain back and 44 days until my chest revision with Dr Anooshian woot woot!

Now I’m getting ready for my mid day stroll, well soon as my nurse comes back to get me. I have been alot more independent  this morning got myself dressed on my own head to foot with my walker to stabilize  myself it was alot easier as I don’t trust my legs to hold myself fully yet. So my walker is more of a personal safety tool and I totally recommend it for all ALT guys even if you can walk unassisted you never know what might happen. But feels good to use the bathroom by myself and wipe my own ass for a change lol. I feel so accomplished lol. And look who just walked in yayy time to stroll…

Until next time…



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