Day 10 and freedom

Posted: September 21, 2014 in update

So it’s not day 10 it’s actually day 11 but seeing as though I have  not moved much yet today nothing to write about until tonight.

Moving right along…

So day 9 I got released from the hospital  and it felt awesome! Putting on clothes was a hit weird and challenging the first time and definitely needed help. I got a transport van to my recovery and rehabilitation center.  All apart of my personal aftercare plan.  It’s best since I’m doing this alone that I have 24 hour attendants to my care which has been great! Alot of things I would not have been able to do on my own just yet especially help with bathing and wound care has been great as my upper body from time to time still has those chappy spasms. My night nurse has been awesome! I’m pretty new thing for alot of nurses so everyone is so interested to see and help and I totally do not mind at all I love educating especially within the medical field. Alot of the nurses here and other staff personally know Trans individuals so that is not anything new for them just the actual aspects of surgery. But back tracking to the nurse  she has been awesome and her roommate who is my day time nurse has also been totally awesome.  I’ve been getting  cleaned up very well and they apply my dressings and all that for me which totally helps as they can see things I’d miss as far as personal cleansing is concerned. My night nurse washed me really really  well and got the majority  of the dry blood to come off and that’s helping to aide in healing.  My scrotum is almost totally unswollen which is crazy for only 10 days but that’s just how I heal.  I totally feel those annoying sharp sparks in my balls as the skin starts to wake up fully, so not fun feeling. We have been debridging  my donor leg aka changing it daily in order to get the dead skin off as well to monitor the open spots that I still have on the graft.  We have begun to apply neosporin  to the open areas to assist them to heal.  I think I due to see Dr Safa (microsurgeon who assists Dr Crane) in another week to remove the staples in my thigh. Totally not looking forward to that at all. I can feel certain spots of my thigh pretty well but the rest just feels like a weird pressure.  My graft thigh  aka my left is just tight like a big ass scab and itchy but starting to peel more and as it does we  are keeping the underlying skin moist so it does not scab and heals correctly.  Which needless to say totally is skin is already returning to its darker pigment.  My body is so on it’s super man lol

I did alot of walking though which made me feel alot better.  I’d walk to the dining area eat then back to my room to rest for a few hours.  Then at night I have the nurse or care attendants  walk me over to the other facility across the street as it has an awesome rooftop view of the city and they just let me chill up there and get as much air as I’d like.  Then I can come down when I’m ready.  I totally bundle up when I go up there as the very last thing I want is a penis cold or pneumonia. Speaking of penis being cold, that has been the task to keep buddy warm, mesh undies do nothing for heat so I’ve been under like ten towels while in bed lol.  Keeping him against my leg helps a bit but if I’m not doing  anything my normal temp is a hit lower so my shaft stays toasty but my head not so much.  So I try to keep a close eye on his temperature as cool or luke warm is ok but ice cold is not.  And when I go out I have sweats on with a towel  wrapped  around him.  Looks totally  obscene but oh well lol. People don’t say much they see me using a walker with my catheter  bag clipped on it, no shame most are really nice and let me take my time.

But over all I’m doing pretty dang well ten days out….

So I’ll just get to tomorrow aka today day 11 since I did remember  something to talk about lol.



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