7, 8, and 9

Posted: September 19, 2014 in update

Well I got lazy and decided to recap today lol. My one week post op snuck up on me needless to say.  I was just in awe like damn I’ve really had you for a week already feels like you been there for ever. I never thought dysphoria could literally  disappear the many years of fighting it and telling yourself  your ok  knowing your not. And doing all kinds of crazy stuff just to cope, I find it highly offence any one would ever say this surgery is not beneficial  or experimental. In 7 days my life has changed so drastically it’s not even funny.  Like I think completely clear and straight no post op depression no nothing. I’m just waiting more and more for things to heal and change.

So that was what I did on day 7 nothing else eventful still in the hospital due to my own wishes.

So day 8 comes strolling on in, and I call myself being independent.  As nurses really don’t let you be too independent which I understand but I had to tell them just chill lemme do it lol. So I get my own socks on,  took a few mins trying to bend my donor leg and what not.  But physical therapy recommended I put my donor side on first when ever getting dressed.  Definitely proved useful to level out activities. I put my mesh draws on all by myself as well right for first doing all this of course on the edge of the bed and I did have to get up and get them myself. It’s hard to do only really because the phallus  can’t really just hang yet so I had to balance myself with the walker and hold my penis lol fun times. But I did it and then they came and changed the bedding as I sat in my chair for a while.  It was a good while too  as they brought breakfast and I started to eat then I felt that wonderful urge to go. So since I’ve used the commode portable one the whole time I wanted to feel human and use the real toilet. So I shuffled my way to the bathroom nurse just stood by in case and brought me wipes and stuff. Felt great to go on my own and wipe my own ass for a change. But guess my body at that point said to hell with you as soon as I started getting  up my nurse seen my face turning grayish aka the passing out signals so it was totally back to bed for me boooooooooooooo. I got a lovely cocktail of meds after that and I laid here til like 5 or 6 in and out of sleep yay me lol.

I also got to change my own donor leg dressing which was cake.  I’ve done it plenty of times on other people.  Only needed a little bit of Saline water and it just rolled right on off. My thigh is actually awesome looking already.  I literally have 4 open spots still on my graft which is cool beans.  Micro surgeons  said many still have alot open wounds at this stage so it’s normal.  But when there isn’t any more I can then was my dang leg in the shower.  My spilt  thickness graft I can not wash at all until it all peels off its like one big ass scab right now actually. So just waiting and trying not to pick at it Lord knows I hate scabs lol.

I got to get up again but no one was letting me walk all the way to the bathroom due to the earlier event I assume it was my BP or heart rate that was rising and crashing.  So to the portable commode  next to the bed I went. Feels good to kinda get back to normal regulation of my bowels and normal eating too I had a banging pasta they let me create, by the way food here is decent some better than others but the make your pasta option is AWESOME!  So for all my health nuts out there never fear you won’t break you diets lol.

After that wasn’t too much going on after that just me doing some physical therapy exercises in the bed by myself.  And then asking for my pain meds and benadryl cuz let me tell you this skin graft itches to high hell! And I am prone to sleep scratching so to kill the culprit before he strikes I take the benadryl. Not to mention definitely helps me sleep. Aka fell asleep watching csi  lol.

So that was day 8…

Today  is day 9, and I’m feeling great.. Micro surgeons just came not too long ago to mess with me.  Had them check my scrotum as it been leaking all crazy but they said it’s normal and to do my best to keep it dry until tomorrow. Why tomorrow  you ask? Because tomorrow is shower day! Finally I’m tired of this dry blood and sweat smell it’s gross as hell. But they said I can wash my sac and dry really really good no powders of lotions just mild soap and water.  I have dial antibacterial soap and I got this other sensitive  skin soap as well as hibiclens thanks to a recommendation by my good buddy who’s a wound care RN. I can not freaking wait! I just can not get my grafts wet until they are done healing.  But when they are I definitely  am ready.  Starting with Eucerin professional  strength.  And I plan on setting up an appointment  for scar management  with Dr anooshian, who mind you I see in November  to redo my entire chest.  Kinda starting to get excited about that, I’ll finally be able to build these pecs of mine up!

I see Dr crane again next week and in 3 more days I get to pee  even though we already know it works as I accidentally  peed the other day when my catheter was acting  stupid and I just couldn’t not hold it anymore.  Needless to say no leaks at all.  Crane actually explained to me at my pre op  that because either had primary urethra lengthen done and it’s been working fine the chance I’d get a fistula or stricture were slim to none.  He’s pretty right about that one.  I felt it come from where it usually  did and right on out the tip of my penis.  Definitely longer road for it to travel but it made it there no issues. Got a lil teary eyed no shame no shame lol. I can not be happier  with. Y choice of procedure and surgeon and to think I almost got talked into something else smh this is why I had to step back from alot of people and turn into myself to do what was best for me and quite frankly could care less what anyone has to say or feel about it.  So many people have been too focused on what I have been doing they haven’t done what’s right for them and that’s something they have to deal with not me. I’m happy and I’m going to stay happy period!

But now  it’s time to order breakfast… Fresh fruit here I come!



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