Today was relaxed, uneventful, and pretty chill. Especially  after my nurse that was an ass last night. I complained she’s no longer allowed in my room and she probably  got in serious trouble. Word to the wise if your nurse is not listening to you ask for management.  I slept damn good after everything for sorted out but should’ve taken Norco before passing out because I woke up and felt the corner of my split thickness graft pulling up.  Grrrrrr I definitely have a new respect for those that can get sun burned as that’s what it feels like as it dries.  I can see that the parts that are dry already are starting to recolor themselves. I heal entirely too fast for my own good. The nurses are always checking my scrotum for new blood and there’s nothing.  my JP  drain  from the scrotum is not even putting out anything anymore, first 24 hours it was but at this point it’s just  pus and clear fluid.  There is no blood in my urine at all. My secret? I drink everything! Lol no but seriously I make sure I am very hydrated and mind you I am still on IV fluids.  But  apart  of keeping my bowels in check is to drink fluids. My daily regime consists of ginger ale, apple juice, cranberry juices, and my favorite ice water! I also drink price juice in the morning and throughout  the day colace to keep things soft. Today I had to take it there to clear myself out and got magnesium citrate which is what I drank for bowel prep and it clears me out within an hour. So I drank it and let it marinade a bit then asked for help getting on the bed pan. At the moment I’ve taken 2 bowels today and I feel ALOT better.  Being bloated during this is not cool.

As far as pain goes in other places it stays between  0-2 as I make sure to stay up on the management.  While I’m awake I use the PCA even if I don’t feel anything right then it’s good to use just in case.  Never know I may move too fast and it hurts.  So instead of waiting  until it’s out of control I stay ten steps ahead. Both my thighs are starting to wake up which is nice but not at the same time. I can move my left leg pretty unassisted but the right is a task for two people. I can move all my toes and feet in all directions kind of also hard with these cuffs on and mind you they make my legs itchy and sweaty it’s cool I have a back scratcher home made from a student nurse lol. She was totally awesome for that one because I would be in here going nuts without this thing.  I think the meds make me a little itchy but oh well they work so I’ll be itchy a little I don’t care. But everything seems to be healing well. They did say they made my graft a little wider then usual because of what I asked for BUT it’s still totally not as big  as I assumed it would be and totally thankful that my electrologist cleared more than enough on the sides. I have a few stray hairs that I know for a fact are on their last hair cycle they are soooooo thing I barely see them hut no the less I’m going back for about an hour worth definitely  less than I though I’d need.

My phallus I just can’t get over the love I have for this wang of mine lol. It’s like I found a long lost friend and we are finally in sync with one another. I just need this swelling to subside and then I’ll feel better about by choice  of underwear lol. I definitely  got more than what I asked for and with time it’ll  be a bit longer with gravity which is cool.  I’m totally happy with everything.  And I love  the hell out of my scrotum.  As I sat on the bed pan it let me know just how much Crane’ technique differed from Miro and just how much further up he moved everything.  It sits perfectly anatomically correct now.  And my sac is way bigger so I’m going to get large most definitely  when I go for second stage. I just can’t do anything else but look at him and just smile all mine and I never have to take him off that is the greatest feeling! Everything leading up to these moments were beyond worth it! And can’t wait to test out my urethra I have no doubt things went fine my body is already pushing the catheter  in my penis out it has been since yesterday morning. And I’ve had a pee sensation all day but steady draining into the suprapubic cath so I know I’m not clogged up.  Just my body doing what it does best… Healing 🙂

But it’s shift change and I want my snack so I’ll end this here…

Until tomorrow…


  1. Shi says:

    congratulations I’m happy to read your stories of success if I may ask and I hope this is not out of the way but what insurance do you have I just called Dr Weiss’s office in New York for top surgery and yes definitely looking for Dr Crane for bottom now I know that you are recovering so I do not expect a speedy answer I do wish you the best and hope you continue to post an update

    • Sir Vertigo says:

      Thanks for the well wishes. If you take a moment to explore the site you will see under the Dr Crane tab there is an insurance time line this details all my insurance. However if you are not in one of the mandated states you will have trouble with Kaiser covering as many are in GA. I live in California so no matter what insurance I choose they all cover this procedure even medicaid. But yes please take some more time and search through the posts you will find very valuable information that may answer more of your questions. As you know I’m in recovery and may forget somethings pain meds are always fun lol. But let me get back to my breakfast I hope that’s helped you out a bit. Salaam

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