Pre Op Appt and 18 hours left!

Posted: September 13, 2014 in ALT Phalloplasty, Bottom Surgery, Dr. Crane, Phalloplasty, POC = People Of Color, post t, Pre-op, update

So today  has been epic and it’s only 12:30 lmao.  I got up this morning and had to do bowel prep this is not fun what so ever. I started off drinking magnesium drink,  it tastes like someone took a freaking latex glove and put it in lemon water and added seltzer water smh.  Totally gross and took me about an hour to down it all as I did my morning walk. That was about 7 ish or so,  went to sit by the piers  and just reflect then all the sudden I felt that rumble in my tummy like a freight train or something lol. Had to book it to the closest restroom smh this stuff is horrible and to think I still have to get through 2 enemas! That’s not going to be any more fun I’m just trying to figure out if it’s all runny then how that’s going to work lmao. We shall find out soon enough though.  I’ll be taking the first one around 8 pm tonight then the next at 430 or a little before.

I’m currently just chilling in Cranes office. He’s of course in the OR  still which is fine. I don’t have anything else to do currently lol.

Fast  forward…

Pre op appt went awesome! He’s going to take lots of OR pics for me. I’ve been hoarding all kinds of photos in my drive. It’s going to be very interesting to see everything intraop  and then see things as I heal.  He will be totally renewing my scrotum and taking out the implants. So I get new and softer ones,  woooot! He also said my donor site is immaculate,  even with the little scraggly hairs that remain they will be nipped when he does the follicle scraping. Which should alleviate most of the other hair which is towards what will  be the base of my penis.  Which is fine as there’s hair towards the base of my shift now lol.

Signed away my life and it got real when I read that consent.  Got a little teary eyed but you know it was the best moment thus far. I can’t wait for the next few hours to just carry on and I can get on with what I need to happen!

Almost there!


  1. Will says:

    Congrats! Wishing you well for tomorrow!

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