The golden hours are here!!!!

Well…after crapping my life away it’s finally calmed down lol. I’m so glad I ate really light the past 3-4 days.  As well I think it helps that I’m pretty regularly scheduled when it comes to BMs. I took my first enema at 8pm.  That was NOT cool at all. This has been my least favorite  part and I don’t know if it’s working or not lol.  I still have another one to do before I leave for the hospital. Ughhhh I just hope I don’t crap myself on the way there lol.

The nurse from the hospital called shortly after my enema (how sweet lol). Just to go over once again all the things that I need to do, don’t do,  etc etc.  My bag for the hospital is all packed and ready to go!  I’m stalking my counter widget at this point.  Today just seems surreal still.  I’m totally not here in the moment yet lol.  Well I mean I am but it’s weird I can’t really put proper terms to it quite yet.

Ugh I just really hope I don’t wake up nauseated. That to me is wayyyyyyyyyy worse than any sort of pain. But I definitely know I won’t be constipated lmao. I’m going to try and kill some of these hours by taking a nap… We shall see how successful  that is lol

9 hours to go!



  1. efyoung says:

    You will do wonderfully! Ask for some medication to ease the nausea. Worked for me. Good luck tomorrow. I’ll be thinking of you from Arkansas. 🙂


    • Sir Vertigo says:

      Thanks Evan well wishes are very much appreciated. I think I confused everyone with the delayed posts but I am going into day 4 post op 😀 …. Dr Crane is truly a skilled and dedicated surgeon. Can’t recommend him more

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