Home stretch in sight; 57 hours!

Posted: September 13, 2014 in ALT Phalloplasty, Bottom Surgery, Dr. Anooshain, Dr. Crane, Phalloplasty, POC = People Of Color, Post op undies, post t, Pre-op, update

Today was just a chill relaxed day.  I had to catch myself a few times as I wanted to eat normally and couldn’t.  Ugh it is so annoying having to curb my diet.  But I’ll get through it. Only a few more hours of this and then it’s the promise land! It’s just so surreal, I dreamt so much about these days and honestly is just baffling that despite everything in all here going through this just as I said I would be. If no one else is proud of me, I’m proud of myself!

I brought some new underwear today (jockey brand climate control)  by the advice of one of my friends who has ALT. They look extremely comfortable and have built in ventilation zones.  So I believe I’ll be good to go when it come to over heating. As I tend to sweat alot in that area which causes irritation. I have to get a few more things tomorrow.

They are:

  • Lots of roll gauze
  • Baby soap (unscented)
  • wound wash
  • A&D ointment
  • colace
  • mirilax

That should do it for my supplies for post op.  I held off on the ointments for scarring as I feel I won’t need that for a few more weeks and by then I’ll be more mobile.  The creams and lotions I do have have natural scar treatment in elements in them.  As well I want to get a script from Dr. Anooshian for a good scar cream and silicone strips. I have this feeling I will be healing very well though. I’m very happy for my pre op preparation and moisturizing of the donor area to keep it nice and healthy.

It’s just crazy to think in 57 hours I’ll be arriving to the hospital to check in for surgery! Well let me go pray and then lil some time by watching my eyelids lol.

Until tomorrow…


  1. SirSamir Taylor says:

    Congratulations sir!!! Wishing you healing and speedy recovery.

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