Just got the last phone call I’ve been waiting to hear for a longggggg  damn time! Kayla  called from Cranes  office confirming my pre op appt  with Dr  Crane  tomorrow at 12:30! I’m always late every time I go, so for a change I’m going to arrive a but early my luck he will be late for a change lmao. I can’t even begin to out into words the feelings I have right now.  Knowing that nothing but mere hours stands between me and fate! I keep pinching myself but this is totally legitimate!

I’m currently  blogging  while underwear shopping  again  lol. I need some kind of compression shorts for support and also to help keep the ace bandages in place. That’s on the agenda next to finish my supply shopping.  Then it’s just packing my overnight bag for the hospital! It’s crazy feeling to know that this will be my last major trip to the hospital. I got all the last little finishing touches for the post op supply list.  And my last most meaningful  supply is the magnesium  drink.  That all in itself marks the turning  point of the 24 hour count down! Once I start drinking that mess I just hope I don’t have to run to the bathroom as I’m already a pretty regular guy lol. And having  to travel  like that isn’t going to be a fun episode to say the least.

And while in the midst of writing this blog I get my second pre-registration call from CMPC! Officially all registered and checked in! She said nothing about a patient portion up front said there aren’t even any notes about me paying anything! That feels dang good to be Scott free at this point.  Just have to wake up and head to Greenbrae in the morning to make my pre op appt on time. It’s just so mind boggling this is the end! Sheesh it feels like  it took forever but as I recap it’s been minimal time. And at this point it’s starting to become a vast blur.

Well I’ll leave some excitement for tomorrow!!! Until then….



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