20 hours post op!

Posted: September 13, 2014 in update

Most of today has been a blur. Got to the hospital  early and actually  ran into the nurse that’s was my recovery room nurse lol. So after I got registered,  he took me back (no copay when I’m admitted yayy). Soon as we got there they weren’t just yet ready for me.  Which is normal as I was super early for once lol. They came out to the waiting area to come and get me about 20 mins later aka just enough time to go to the bathroom AGAIN for the who knows how many times  lol.  When they say squeaky  that’s what they mean , I wonder if I went on the OR  table  lol.

And once again with the anesthesia, I was midway through singing  interpol as that’s what I told them to play and then next thing  I know I’m waking up in recovery with Crane talking  to me about surgery lol.  That is some serious  stuff lol. Literally my last phrase before I passed out was this:

“Cause I’ve got a chance for a sweet sane life, I said I’ve got a dance and you’ll do just fine, Well I’ve got a plan with forward in my eyes

Let it come.

Well I’ve got a chance for a sweet sane life, said I’ve got a dance, it moves into the night, Well I’ve got a plan with forward in my eyes”

Just ironic that part of the song played right before I went under.  😀

Today has been pretty chill.  Dr’s came in and removed the bandages around my skin graft on my left thigh. What magical fun does this look like lol. They have a air blower on it so that it dries out so that it can start to scab and peel. This is going to be freaking interesting as I don’t like scabs. Lots of will power to keep my hands off of it.  Not to mention it going to feel like freaking sun burn  so much for that lol.  Might have to sleep in mittens as I tend to scratch in my sleep and that’s the last thing I need to be scratching.

Only real complaint I have is sweating and itchiness ughhhh. But I made sure before I brought myself to this hospital  to cut all my nails as I know how I am. Can’t mess around and scratch nothing that ain’t posed to be scratched lol.  My day nurse made me a makeshift  back scratcher so I’ve been going to town on all the hard to reach spots lol.

And best of all…. My new package! I’m totally loving the new lay out. Perfect length, I’m girthy  BUT alot of it is swelling and seeing as though the game plan for my second stage is a bit of lipo sculpting involved I don’t mind. He’s also completely reconstructed my scrotum! Can we say serious hang time!

Ok let me take my sleepy self to bed…



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