2 days post op

Posted: September 13, 2014 in ALT Phalloplasty

Well reporting live from my bed ctfu. Still stuck in this bed but I feel totally awesome. My pain level has not reached over 2. Proper pain management  is HUGE! Stay ahead of it and never let it build. I’ve moved both legs, my left of course is easier to move than the right hut none the less it’s getting easier. They took the gauze  off my skin graft aka left leg and now we are just drying the graft with a blower.  It’s cool to see all this coagulated blood doesn’t hurt just looks like it hurts lol. As it dries it is getting stiffer which is normal.  It’ll feel like a bad sunburn but this is why I got Eucerin and aloe vera. My right thigh aka donor I have yet to see.  They will remove the vac probably  on Monday and I’m not looking forward to that.  As there are currently staples in my thigh,  probably about 40+. But I’m a trooper did this all by myself so won’t hurt to push forward through one last removal.

The doppler  scans of my arteries have been amazing.  The pulse is SUPER strong and loud,  sounds like a little  person lol. This is a very very good sign indeed. I’m still swollen  of course but things are well ahead of the curve for healing (I tried to tell folks I heal super fast). I get to graduate from ICU today and get a regular  room and get unhooked from all this crap, I feel like the octopus  man lol. My body is pushing out my urethra catheter  which is something I knew would happen and I feel like I have to go pee through the phallus but I know I can’t so I just tune it out.  More than likely though  when I take my first bowel  I’ll end up pissing such is life they said no biggie body does what it wants you know?

But with this I actually can feel the inside of my urethra like the catheter when it moves or is pulled. I also can feel the coolness  of the lubrication they use to do the doppler. I thought I was tripping at first but nope every time it’s done I feel a cool sensation in that spot.  I also can feel pressure at the base of my shaft 🙂  this is going to be amazing healing process! And the balls I just want to give crane the biggest hug he did exactly what I asked and my balls are now awesomely placed, in one scrotal sac, and of course I feel them.  It’s not too pleasant as its like an achy feeling but none  the less I feel them and they are very soft. Swelling is just the pain in the ass at this point but we just keep the phallus  elevated with heating pad over it. Both legs are also elevated on pillows and I stay wiggling my toes do moving my legs when I can.  I got to keep the leg huggers off most of yesterday and that was great!

And last but not least my phallus  is BEAUTIFUL! like I dreamt  about it for years but to actually see and hold this bad boy is a dream come true. I’m definitely  girthy some will go down and some will stay.  No biggie  as I plan to have a little lipo sculpting with my glansplasty in June. But the shaft is even all the way around with a centered urethra. I only have one incision  under my shaft and it’s healing over extended nice thus far.  I plan to baby it and if it heals as I assume it will it will not even be noticed a year from now. I am soooooooo  happy that I choose the best donor site for me and I can not wait to see how things continue to heal.  And even with a little hair (literally   like 10 visible ones lol) my shaft is still smooth. I’ll still go and have the last strays removed but I’m happy that I was about to get as much done as I could.  Even though I wasn’t that hairy having that urethra  clear of hair was top priority. I’ll go at my 6 weeks mark for my first post op session.

I can not recommend  Dr Crane and his teams enough!  So back to my breakfast and then a nap lol

Until tomorrow…



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