Here we are at the 4th day marker and I get my phone call from CMPC  Davies hospital. The nurse called to go over my medical history and all my requests that I had prior to admittance. She asked everything from my height to have I had a cold on the past two weeks. I’m pretty healthy I only take testo so to no surprise the phone call was a bit short. She then gave me the number to pre-registration and they are the ones to handle the billing portion of things. I am not too sure how that all works but all I know is I called and gave them my medical record number and social.  From there they will call Kaiser and Cranes office and work out the billing.  All I know is I show up and I don’t have to bring anything with me.  I do not have a deductible and even if I did on my specific plan I pay no upfront costs when I am admitted to a hospital.

115 hours away from writing my last chapter of this journey. It is a totally  surreal feeling going through all of this and noticing how things are continuing  to look up from here. I’m definitely  seeing things clearly and more vividly than I would have imagined ten times over in the past.  Who would have known that the day I took my first shot would make the start of this monumental moment in my history. I am totally thankful  for and appreciative  of this entire experience. No matter how frustrated I became with the people or situations around me it all has brought much needed  clarity.

Sitting back and basking in the elements of the last moments…



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