It all boils down to this.  Every moment of frustration, determination, anticipation, and then some leads up to this one faithful moment. I went from the uncertain, literally having no way for this to happen but my words alone.  To now being mere hours away from my biggest dream.  Like literally I have dreamt about this happening for years and to wake up and see it finally done is such a relief.

Today I didn’t do too much but just walk and reflect.  Trying to get in all my walking before I’m not able to walk as much as I want lol.  I do plan on walking right away trying not to over do it but definitely  wanting to rehab myself so that I can get on with life.  I remember Crane telling me there were a few guys that were fine by 4-6 weeks and we’re running miles and all. I do alot of cardio now so I would estimate  the legs being in prime shape helps in regeneration and regaining normal stability in the limbs. I’m still debating in these last few hours on if I should get a cane or what I want to do lol. So many freaking decisions to make in these last few hours of uncharted territory. I just don’t want something I’m not going to use for a while. But if it initially  is useful then I’m going to see about it.  I know they offer free aftercare supplies at most hospitals so I’m going to ask if they have a cane if I feel like I need it for extra support upon leaving the facitility.

Yesterday I was told if I had to pay anything upfront then I’d recieve a phone call. Well seeing as though my phone has yet to ring I’m in the clear lol. I’m not shocked as I made sure to look over my plan thoroughly   and I definitely have no upfront fees when I’m admitted to any surgical or medical facilities. I believe I’ll recieve an invoice for my out of pocket difference and beautiful thing about that is I can pay that off over the course of time.  It’s beautiful  to know this and know that it’s already taken care of. I’m just stress free, well outside of putting a few things in my storage on Monday I’m golden and just basking in the elements of all that’s going on around me. I can truly say this move was the best decision I ever made out of all the moves I have made.  Everyone labeled me as crazy for just moving like that but when I need something done and it’s there for low cost or free it’s worth going after. Struggle for a little now live comfortable for the rest of my life. As someone like me would have never been able to afford the out of pocket fee for this procedure so I am totally thankful for all the efforts put forth  in making these mandates and insurances that cover to allow many of us to get top care at affordable prices.

I’m just typing away and time is steady ticking! Tonight I’m going to eat a bit healthier starting to clear my system and not add to the blockage due to some meats I eat on a regular. I don’t so much eat red meat now a days so it’s been mostly chicken. So now since I’m knocking on day two before surgery I have to stop eating the following:

  • fruit
  • peas
  • red meat
  • coarse cereal
  • nuts
  • dairy
  • beans
  • fried food

Only ones I’m really bummed about is fruit and dairy lol.  I’m going to miss my cheese, yogurt, pineapples, oh and let’s  not forget my fried chicken tenders lol so what judge me I’m human.  It’s ok after I’m allowed to eat,  I can have what I want.  Maybe I’ll have someone go down to the store and bring me something. However this is San Fran I could just order something there is an awesome Thai restaurant  down the street and they deliver lol. I am not going to like not being able to eat spicy food after for a while either.  Me and spice is like white on rice it just goes together lol. But I guess for the sake of the greater good what has to be done must be done.

I believe I’m going to walk to the hospital that morning.  I do live within walking distance and I’m just going to take in all the fresh morning air. I’ll be wearing sweats as I have to be in something loose fitting. Thinking of just buying stuff the day before washing it and having it ready for the day of surgery. I already brought two pair of undies to see which work best. Something is telling me to buy a jock strap so we shall see how that goes. I have to remember to bring my essentials and to buy a freaking extension cord so that my phone can reach as I won’t be as mobile.  Well until the vacuum comes off my leg then it’s on for sure I’m going to be all over the hospital lol. Some times when I’m in there too long I need to take a stroll so I’ll find my way to someone’s wheel chair I’m sure of it.

The anticipation is building  like crazy now. It wasn’t at first but now it’s  official? Well let me get to getting my dinner hmm veggies lol.

Until next time…



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