Today is the 5th day until surgery. Time is just winding down and sends like even though it is is still taking forever lol.  Today was pretty uneventful to day the least.

I went and had my very last pre op electrolysis session. This session was definitely more painful than any other.  One because the machine turned up a little higher to get more intensity and I was not able to take the pain pills and lidocaine mix. It’s does make a large difference. So I battled through it but there were moments I just wanted to yell stop and get up.  My leg kept twitching and I was sweating my behind off. I just kept telling myself,  “this is nothing compared to next week”. Which is totally accurate, I can’t help but wonder what that pain is going to feel like. I’m going to try and stay ahead of the pain as much as I can though that’s definitely for sure. But I should have pretty good results after crane does the intraoperative follicle scraping of the graft.  This should kill the majority of the hair that left.  And what ever is not killed them I’ll book my first session  post op with my electrologist around my 6th or 7th week mark.

I just can’t wait until that morning gets here can’t really say much else so I’ll end this here…



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