So I did a little bit if underwear shopping today and realized even further alot of these roos aren’t going to serve me any sort of justice. I mean where are all the undies for men packing heat? Sheesh everything is so close and clingy. I’m going to have to order some from offline and hope and pray they work right…

I got some that are one size smaller than my usual boxer briefs. I did this as these will be for immediately post op to hold everything in the proper upright position. I have this feeling I’ll be spending alot of my first month in the post op undies they have available. That’s honestly how I got through the first month with meta. I used the post op undies and lost of padding. But I figure if anything else like last time I can put them on over the post op undies to disguise my current situation a bit better. Everyone is making new prosthetics and packing underwear, someone needs to tackle the underwear for the post op phalloplasty guys. II’d definitely  buy  those as long as the measurements support the package. I see myself  in alot of jack straps.  But further more I’ll be making good friends with compression shorts.  Can’t see myself working out from here on out with out those under my shorts. I’ll need him nice and close and not flopping all around lol.

I was just talking to a friend about having my first shower and how it’ll feel to not have my peen slide off because there glue or something there.  I can’t wait for that feeling, it just really hit me on the night of my 6th day.  It’s going to be a crazy feeling having that first real realization that this is all me… Finally!!!

But he also mentioned something which u hadn’t thought about. He said it takes some time to get used to mentally. It’s interesting indeed. I can understand  that though  in the send of getting used to a new part of you. Getting used to the changes left behind by the grafts. Getting used to gauging things you get close to different  because you need a different amount of space between you your peen and the objects around you lol. I se myself bumping into alot of things initially. But it’s all more to really sit back and reflect on.

Tomorrow is electrolysis do I’m going to cut this short and get my rest.

Until next time…



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