So today was quite eventful indeed. I spent majority of my day getting pre op tasks taken care of. Got labs done at Kaiser for surgery next week and a urinalysis test as well. Glad that I drank lots of water that morning not realizing lol. My Dr ordered one set and missed a few Crane wanted so I had to go back a bit later after my first set, so now each arm suffers lol. It’s is well worth it in the long run. I just know I have awesome veins the way they drawer blood from me. I’m just glad when I went back I didn’t have to pay. Kaiser is pretty neat indeed. I just have a few more post op supplies  but they can probably  wait until after I’m released from the hospital. Luckily everything is closer to where I live so it’s no biggie.

It feels good to know everything is winding down and next week is my last week within this physical process. I want to just keep pinching myself to make sure this is real lol.  I can’t wait to get through the rest of this week and see that sunrise on the morning of surgery! It’s crazy to just think about it that it’s finally here that day I’ve waited 26 years for is now within notable grasps. Such a relieving feeling it is for this to be happening.

Nothing much else really happened today so I suppose I’ll cut it short… Just jag to note my day lol.

Until next time…





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