So I’ve been all over this past month or so prepping for things to come.  So fast recap  of current events before I proceed with this update.


I am now  6 sessions of electrolysis  out,  I have 4 more remaining  before surgery.  However my thigh is 95% clear which is awesome as we (myself  and the Jeanine my electrolysist)  were worried  about how long it may take to remove everything  to bare. But the good thing is my hair is great  so it came right out and stayed out.  In turn the lower half of my leg has started to grow more hair lol.  I guess this is the compensation plan my body has to make up for the lack thereof smh, the body is weird indeed. I can say the texture of the skin is definitely  different  with no hair there.  I really like the way it feels at this point and it makes me excited to see what it will feel like once in place.  I have been of course using a regime as I always do for those that have been around since the last saga of surgeries. To prepare and keep my skin healthy, soft,  and smooth I use:


  • Vaseline intensive care: Complete care moisturizing body lotion
  • After sun aloe vera: cooling gel with lidocaine
  • Salicylic Acid face wash (works wonders all over the body I use is everywhere.  Keeps the ingrown hairs at a min and considering I have double and triple  sometimes quad follicles it comes in handy)
  • Triple antibiotic ointment (after scrub in the shower)
  • Special formulated  cream from the electrolysist to soften my skin (and boy O boy is it working wonders 😎)

I’ll get around to posting the numerous  photo’s that I’ve been taking over the sessions as well as the video I’ve been taking.  It’ll be one nice long video for everyone to watch that wants to.  Lots of exciting happenings going on indeed though! I’ll  also be sharing post op photos in a new location outside the normal  venues.  Details of that will be released in the coming months.  Also for those in the Bay area there is a lower surgery forum coming up shortly,  contact Zander or Trystan  of transgress press for details.

Well outside of this I’m been  great actually  better than I have been in a very very long time.  Finally fully let go of alot of people situations  and interactions it’s a very liberating experience. With that I’ve been blessed with a new addition to my world who gives me a new reason to shine and be that much better of a man.  So many things I keep to myself it’s always funny how when I drop slight hints of things folks think it comes out of left field lol.  But facts are this blog and my presence on the net is not even 1% of my life.  There are about 5 people  who actually know me in truth everyone just guesses by being around me a few times or talking to me a few times over the net.  Consider this just the back story  of the real story, more people should’ve got to know me before making assumptions lol.  Oh well they live and I learned that at this point in my life I’m on a different  path than the majority  of folks that come in contact with me.  And I’m ok with that even though many others are not. At this point I’m totally at peace and ready to close the pages of this journey for good.

Many of the pages I did have will soon be gone, as I get back to my regular  life that i took an abrupt break from. But I’ll end this here as I need to get back to my obligations which I so love! And prepping and having a clear and destressed head space, which is totally important  for surgery. Ooh  yea forgot,  my revision  is shortly after my phallo got final word of that the other day so it’s all conclusively happening so the pages can close together!

Until next time…

Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

And for my Akhi and Uhkhti,  Ramadan Mubarak! May Allah  bless you with a pious  and peaceful Holy month.


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